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Rodrigo Eguillor's woman, in Ezeiza, added: "You are a mechanic, I hope you will have a terrible life"


"You're a machinator, I hope you'll have a terrible life". The screees and scriptures came from the worker of the Ezeiza Airport. Unfortunately, the woman had acknowledged Rodrigo Eguillor, the 24 year old of accused of sexual abuse, in the final hall while the four Air Security Police agents postponed him.

Lomas de Zamora's prosecutor's son had been several hours interviewing different media, but officers were shocked by the officers who took him to an office to let him know I was not able to leave the country.

One of Ezeiza employees He showed his anger when he saw him and did not welcome his insults. "Go ahead … skinny … You want … We're sorry to see noodles on Facebook telling you about your benefits, the truth is that it is very sad, talk bad about men. I wish you to be punished because you should be punished"shouted.

Eguillor ignored her cell phone and, when she noticed that the woman was not over, He answered him by coming in the canchero. A few minutes later, I was transferred to the PSA office. After being corrected by the agents, he became nervous and asked to be called his mother, referring to criminal action prosecutor Paula Martínez Castro.

According to the complaint, Eguillor had called a woman to the apartment who shared with a friend in the Buenos Aires area of ​​San Telmo. The girl said he wanted sex without a condom and, with the excuse that the owner of the house took the key, she would not let her go. Closing up and fear, the alleged victim saw that only the window that left the only exit He looked out the balcony asking for help i & screws.

However, Eguillor said he had saved the girl from suicide attempts. "I caught it when I had half legs outside and there are thousands of witnesses. I used to say we're going anywhere; in order to avoid the situation because it was desolate and unwanted, "he said about the episode held in a building in the San Telmo neighborhood, on November 15. "If it were not for me, the girl was going to kill herself"he added.

Rodrigo Eguillor was retained for authority enforcement and resilience.
Rodrigo Eguillor was retained for authority enforcement and resilience.

Judicial sources were notified TN Judge Carlos Manuel Bruniard sent for Ezeiza to ban from leaving the country, in a case described as "sexual abuse". In addition, the magistrate determined to restrict the approach to the victim and ask him to check his address.

Hours later to be deferred in Ezeiza, UFI 3 prosecutors from Esteban Echeverria investigated him in a new complaint against her, in this case for harassing a woman, and then ordered her to be detained for forced and resistant the authority.

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