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Rodrigo Eguillor will continue to be jailed because they fear that in freedom will block the case against him – 12/14/2018

Finally, the 24-year-old girl accused a young girl from 22, Rodrigo Eguillor, will remain in custody. It was decided here by Court No. 48 responsible for Judge Carlos Bruniard, who is investigating what happened on November 15 in a department of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo.

I was arrested on Wednesday, prosecutor, son of Lomas de Zamora, Paula Martinez Castro, 24, and was transferred yesterday to the courts of Talcahuano Street to give an investigative statement. This Friday, then, the Justice decided that he remained a prisoner, because "in freedom he could stop the investigation", explained the sources of the case.

Rodrigo Eguillor. Photo: German Garcia Adrasti

Rodrigo Eguillor. Photo: German Garcia Adrasti

The same officers transferred from Federal Police Personnel Parts, who held him, yesterday afternoon to the PFA Federal Investigations Superintendent, located at Madariaga street in Villa Lugano, where he spent the night.

Eguillor is accused of depriving unlawful liberty, sexual abuse with access, injuries and carnal injuries against Lourdes Segura, and the case is investigated by the Bruniard Court and Office of Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor No. 22, under Eduardo Cubría.

The act he was accused was heard on November 15 when the City Police went to an apartment in the San Telmo neighborhood because a young girl tried to throw herself from a balcony.

Later, complainant, Lourdes, 22, was learned to court that he was trying to escape after repeated rape by Eguillor, who had been jailed in the apartment, was cheated by the young man She was known because he was passing for the Jet's bowling public relations.

Eguillor was already arrested last week for contempt and objection to the authorities when taken to UFI No. 3 of Esteban Echeverria and prosecutor Verónica Pérez was abused, where he prosecuted a harassment and A young girl who first spread out to go against Eguillor.

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