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Rocio Oliva: "Ojeda made my life impossible: I sent sexual messages to Diego" – 02/21/2019


Rocio Oliva talk without filtering about your relationship with you Diego Maradona, Having separated recently. He did on a mobile phone to "Wrongly", the driving cycle Moria Cánán America.

In that long TV chat, Rocio Oliva Tackling various issues. Among others, the reasons why he ended up with launching with her Diego Maradona, the difficulties that he had at the beginning of romance, the day she told her he loved her, and how poorly aspects Veronica Ojeda, Pre-mother and mother of her youngest son, Dirty Fernando. "Ojeda makes life impossible for me"had sentenced Dew. Y when Moria She wanted to know how she was worried to her Veronica, The Oliva He circulated without defects: "He sent sex messages to Diego", he said, and went on to give details on the subject.

Regarding the reasons for breaking the couple who formed a long time with her Diego Maradona, The Rocio Oliva He said: "I was with him for six years because I wanted, and I'm not sorry, but when I wanted to make my goals, and see that you could not, the only option was to separate"

The separation, according to Oliva, was not decided overnight. "We've been talking about it for now, but we have never arrived," he explained, "and I know that your wishes are for me." He told me that he would be happy the day he saw me form a family, with a good man, and I would like that, because in some issues, he was given an old subject, and said (Diego) to me: Very much for you, and I can not give everything you need.

That should be remembered Diego Maradona at 58 years old a Rocio Oliva, 28. They met in Mar del Plata, in 2010, and in his memory, everything was vertical. "He looked at me, I smiled at me, he laughed on me, he was second …" Soon after, they went to Spain and then spent two years without seeing each other. "In 2012, I made my life, but I kept thinking, I felt in my heart that everything he had told me was really real," he said. Oliva.

Diego Maradona He was in a couple with her Veronica Ojeda. From that union, he was born Dirty Fernando, in 2013. Separated from Ojeda, The Diego he saw again Oliva, who went to live with him in Dubai. There was a disagreement and disagreement until the end, now the couple came to an end.

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When chatting with Moria Cánán, The Rocio Oliva He said that she started her relationship Diego Maradona It was complicated. He expressed this way: "One day, I do not forget any more, Diego told me:" I have three options. One is what my parents want, which is my daughter. with Veronica, but I did not know her, nobody knew her. Another way was what the girls wanted and another was what she wanted. He told me I wanted to be With you, my happiness would be with you. "

Relaxation and determined to admit it Moria Cánán, The Rocio Oliva comments How here is the first time Diego Maradona said "I love you".

"I can remember patent," he said. I was taking a shower, he was going to see Benja, his grandson (son of Gianinna Maradona and Kun Agüero). Come in and tell me I want to say something to you. Open the curtain and tell me if you know how much I've been saying & # 39; I love you & # 39 ;? Because of you, I love you. Since Claudia, I do not like to say I love you& # 39; ", Pícara, Oliva He added: "I did not understand what it meant, but today I'll understand." No more than less than a bad stick to me Veronica Ojeda.

Next, Rocio Oliva He held: "When he told me again, I love you, I told you that I can not tell him for the first time I saw him in Mar del Plata and I was the second time in Spain. I met with it and I liked it, it was something different to me. I told her that I wanted to be sure at the time I said to her. "

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According to Dew, when hearing that response, Diego He warned him: "Remember that I'm going to make you fall in love with me and tell me I love you." After that, we were six years old and I said to him by & # 39; the time, but his security was terrible, "he explained. Maradona.

Stock Image Diego Maradona to Rocío Oliva in Moroco, when they were a couple.

Stock Image Diego Maradona to Rocío Oliva in Moroco, when they were a couple.

"Did you feel you were a nuisance in the people around Diego or did you feel that you had a good reception from them?" Moria said to Oliva. The answer was strict: "I believe that any woman will end up being a nuisance in the life of Diego. Initially, everything starts well and then it is distorted. I had (Veronica) Ojeda made life impossible for me"

"In what way did life make you impossible?" He asked the host of "Incorrectas". Few avoid the subject, Rocío talked about the alleged sexual content messages that Missgui Fernando's mother had sent Diego when he was already in relation to Oliva.

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"It was many years and there were a lot of things," said the footballer by referring to Ojeda, "at first he sent messages to Diego of sexual things, saying I'm going to do this for you, I'm going to do the other thing, and this girl will not go you & I was at the time, I was a little bad because it was sheep that did not understand anything. Today I understand everything. But at first I had a bad time. Later, Diego went to see the baby (Dieguito Fernando, the son he had with Ojeda) and when he came back he told me: "The baby slept, this pool is mad & # 39 ; & # 39 ;.

"Do you want to make me understand that I have made the baby sleep as she tries to sleep with him?" I missed, without anesthesia, Moria. Y Oliva He replied: "Of course, that said Diego: always, he liked that, he also showed the pictures of Diego and chat rooms and he was loaded after seeing her" .

All he said, Rocio Oliva It was noted: "The most important thing is that No third party of our separation that has done things can be delivered. We separated because it was not enough for more. And Diego and Rocio know … I'm talking in the third person … they really like. What happened was nice, it was strong, and it was all. But love was always completely, and you can not cut anything"

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