Saturday , June 25 2022

Rocío Guirao Díaz gave fire to networks with the most sensible images: and she's dedicated to Dalila?


Rocio Guirao Díaz left his mouth open to followers with a series of pictures for the heart attack. With a bonfire in the background, the blonde was shown in a black bikini and a body full of oil.

The images came after it crossed with the singer Dalila, and question her about the "small clothes" postcards that she's split into her networks. "There are details that a mother needs to care for her children, Rocio is a model and she can do with her body what she likes, but I do not, I'll find it stunning and disrespectful to my son. I have two sons, a teenage girl, I know perfectly how they think, "the tropical artist told the program PH.

Nicolás Paladini's wife had been accused of being a man and told her that women have to do what makes them happy. "I work with an organization of a very young age, my children are natural, but if they tell me they are ashamed, we'll give her the best," she said. Unstable.

Rocío Guirao Díaz installed fire on networks.
Rocío Guirao Díaz installed fire on networks.

The debates were moved to their own Twitter accounts, where injections were taken. He recorded the video model asking men's mothers to be responsible and not to raise "imbecile": "Explain that you are your body, you are already an adult, you decide, you will not hurt anyone and tomorrow he will also be an adult and make his body what he wants. "

On his behalf, the dancer had a dancer with her expression for her physique: "Caring for that little body that that time happens to us all, tapercito".

Guirao Diaz, duwies in flames.
Guirao Diaz, duwies in flames.
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