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Robledo Puch was buried urgently: a mystery about his diagnosis


"Recuperate, old man", they shouted in ward 8 of Sierra Chica prison. "You will come back as Peron", says an ancient guards who usually talk to him about the Second World War and Peronism. The other prisoners went out to the patio or they saw at the mirrors through the bars that the man helped by the doctors, on the way to hospital, was Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch, Aged 67.

"It was transferred urgently drunkenness, vomiting, high blood pressure and depression symptoms. It is Olvararría Municipal Hospital, twelve kilometers from Sierra Chica, they're introducing it to studies, "he said Infobae a source of the Buenos Aires Specific Service. Three guardians protect him.

Later, part of the diagnosis came to the obvious: "It has done so." intestinal blockage, cloudy, is too quiet but with acceptable respiratory mechanics. Studies will be established to know the severity chart. It is not ruled out that it will have an operation, "a doctor told the press.

In April, according to his medical report, Robledo did an order to be treated for a hernia on the mouth, but it probably didn't have a solution. He also suffers from asthma since he fell in prisoner and with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

"He will be investigated if he did not make many medicines that he started to take because of a picture of depression or neglect because he asked to be treated for the hernia but did not pay attention to it, "explained a prison source to the newspaper. Today

This morning, Robledo Puch He woke up with vomiting and a picture of hypertension, so he was taken back to hospital, where he was admitted to hospital and will be subject to various medical studies, he said the source of the SPB.

The so-called "black angel", who between 1971 and 1972 eleven people killed when they were asleep or back and he was imprisoned 46 years ago with obvious decline. In so many years, the prison left in transfers no more than five times.

"Saying we can take advantage of this to escape is a bastard.source source.

On July 9, 1973, Robledo Puch escaped from the La Plata prison and spent three days on the street. In 2010 they thought he had also escaped. Prisoner of Sierra Chica was a prison guard He was surprised that he did not show. He made the recount again, like the pet that counts cattle, and confirmed that the detainee was missing, the most famous. They searched everywherethe cells, the yard, the henhouse, the farm where the horses eat grass, under the trees t, in the work of the prison, in the corridors, in the bathrooms. nothing

Robledo Puch was missing. Five hours passed and they feared that the serial killer had escaped from the prison, a feat he achieved in La Plata, when a wall jumped. The prison director became desperate. His job was at stake for a simple reason: Robledo Puch on the street was a threat to society.

In the end, the guards were free when they heard that another prisoner was shouting:

In a corner, behind a workshop door, surrounded by dirt and humidity, the oldest prisoner was hiding from the world.

They challenged him as if he was a mischievous child. A child who is unhappy with his parents and goes out on the street rather than doing homework. Unlikely child, Robledo,laughing mischievously, the only gesture that manages to remove the rigid rhythm of his face. That laughter is also tired of the cold and the stable view. The guards raised him from the ground and took him to the cell. The news came to the media as Robledo Puch's latest prank. But in prison they are convinced that the Black Angel wants to escape. His plan, which was beautiful or not depending on how you looked at it, was spent the night to hide and escape at dawn.

-I want to die Reflect Sierra Chica guard. We know it will never leave. I think he is waiting for death. It's finished.

Robledo he again asked for his freedom several times. When the answer was negative, he used his insane strategies to draw attention to the press. In 2014, he asked for a fatal injection because he did not want to be imprisoned for life. Two years later, it was transferred from Sierra Chica to the San Isidro Courts for psychological skills. The media rushed to look for his evidence, but he looked at the journalists with contempt.

Also, He sent a letter to the governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal asking for forgiveness. In the writing we quote Michel Foucault, praising the dictator Emilio Massera and comparing himself with Nelson Mandela. Close with this sentence: "Lord Governor: I am convinced for V.S. it would be no more than having the necessary political decision and, as a woman, to show on her own the courage to stamp the signature that confirms my freedom twithout which the pulse will shake. That's how I write and that's what I am: a 64-year-old man with a lipid appearance on someone who has always looked straight on. "

Probably the Supreme Court of Justice of Buenos Aires argued that the sentence of Robledo Puch was not "forever" and suggested that he be transferred to a prison with a less thorough regime, before his release. That is, because former Supreme Court Justice of the Nation, Eugenio Zaffaroni, confirms in this book, in Argentina there is no life sentence.

In order to be able to return to the street after 45 years, Robledo will need someone to go out of warranty. He became clear that his mother was known to a businessman he offered him a house in Paraguay and in Olavarría he was asked to be quiet in a field. Paradoxical: he killed serene.

"What I miss most is the wind that struck me in my face when I was riding a motorcycle" tRobledo once said to the author of this note. Accelerate to point to ignore time, to others; just live to cross it and not get old. Above all, I think he loves speed. Theft, hit and kill. Everything is fast, although killing-sometimes-pauses at that speed.

"Carlos was kamikaze walking in a car or motorcycle", remember one of your ex-friends. Melena to the wind, Robledo passed traffic lights in red with his motorcycle at full speed, without looking for the sides. It was like angels' disturbances: women, men and even children looked at it as if it were a lightning bolt that had just fallen into the ground.something different to everything seen every day.

When he killed eleven people, Robledo killed himself alone: ​​he killed the relatives and the victims, their ancestors, their descendants; he killed those who left alive. "He killed all humanity," said his father Victor.

The tragedy closed perfectly. Robledo Puch came to the world with a miracle. That was her mother Aida thinking, she couldn't conceive. He did treatment, using home remedies and praying. In the end he made the blood and a shed for his son to drown them too. There are two little stories that are testing:

When his son was arrested, Aida tried to kill himself with a gun arrow. The bullet brushed his glasses and diverted his trail. In that house, the death always lived. His mother's grandmother – Robledo – had fallen from a heart attack on a cake he was preparing.

"His grandparents arrived in Germany after his escape from the war, he was born into a perfect family to do everything he did, and there were pictures of his grandmother with weapons in the House., said a neighbor of the marriage Robledo Puch. They stayed with the piano, turntable, German classical music records and a box with pictures of Robledo Puch. "The father threw a lot of things from his son, we were able to save some things they gave us," said the woman and then showed a picture of Robledo as a child. Our angel.

The fall of his son also has destroyed Víctor Robledo Puch. He separated from Aida, was thrown out of work and came to live in a dwelling house. Once she admitted to a neighbor that her son had written to her.

– Did Carlitos write to you? What good news the woman told him.

-Leave, it's not good news Victor answered him.

"The first thing I'm going to do when I'm going out here is killing you, and thinking how you're going to keep me going."

Since that day, what he wanted most in life is that his son never leaves prison again.

In Robledo everything seemed compulsive: stealing, conflict and slaughter for yes, like pieces that fall randomly from sediment and when they fell they eventually ordered as a hidden plan that was weaving behind everyone's back. Sebastián walked Ortega away from the "Robledo monstruo" in his film The Angel. He built a character that almost operated without knowing what he was doing, under the idea that everything was a fairy tale for him.

The author and the brilliant journalist Jorge Fernández Díaz, who also met Robledo Puch and suffered a strange dizziness, after the evidence for that encounter which left a mark:

"Robledo The door closed and he began to talk to me in rumors about God, the prophecies, the cherubs who had visited him in his cell, the complete innocence of all the crimes committed to him and the curse which had fallen on those condemned: solicitors struck by a train, witnesses who had committed suicide, people who were murdered or died t of terrible and sudden diseases and other biblical pests. "

The last one on that list was Osvaldo Raffo, the forensic expert who examined 27 times and ruled that he was a psychopath evil came from evil. Raffo committed suicide this year. Robledo hated him.

12 years ago, the author of this note admitted: "Every day I die a little, death is near and maybe that's the best I live hell in life My life is too much when I was struck. I want to forget Death will not guarantee your desire But live as I live to be dead. "

Soon after 6 pm, Robledo was stabilized. He was still aware, with vomiting and a lack of sodium in the bloodSerum probe has been sprayed into one of your arms.

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