Thursday , May 26 2022

RESPONSIBLE / Could next gene & # 39; arrive in 2019? Analysts say yes


It seems like yesterday when we started to hear far drums announcing change. We played so happy with Gears of War & # 39; or Uncharted 2 & # 39; when the next gene was announced & # 39; It is about to arrive (probably) revolutionizing the world of consoles after lunch. Here is 2013, There were about these dates when we were able to bring them home and in these 5 years everything has happened.

Well, you can already prepare the purse because it appears, back Mat Piscatella, The next gene & # 39; New to be closer than it appears. This well-known analyst of videogames world is never blind and that's why we are taking his words seriously when he said he predicted that PS4 and Xbox One's sales will go down and it will be New powerful sisters are being published.

Piscatella sees it clear, although sales of consoles continue on the rise now, this will change and the new ones will be announced Xbox Scarlett (although it is not known whether it will be certain that that name) a PS5. Nintendo Switch is still optimistic, although it knows that these sales will also end later or later.

It seems to be taken into account that Sony has already announced that they will not go to E3 and publish their news alone, everything says they will be publishing PS5 in 2019 and could go for sale in 2020, so that would be normal Microsoft Publish your new console more or less by the same dates to avoid losing potential buyers.

Although they are only theories, Piscatella is not usually wrong so you know, start saving because something comes to us.

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