Monday , October 3 2022

REPORT: This new Dragon Age is presented this week


If you're a fan Dragon Age, sure you're jumping with joy to find out that this month would reveal information related to the franchise, something confirmed by BioWare. Well, it's time for you to get your seat because there are new details about it and that everything says that the next Dragon Age is being introduced this week and the video is set on The 2018 Game Game Awards.

As you remember, a few days ago we told you that Casey Hudson, general manager of BioWare, said they would disclose information this month. Dragon Age and although the hype is going on straight away, the manager said we only realized because he would not say when and where this would happen. Well, today, a report of VentureBeat Information obtained through unknown sources was introduced close to BioWare, which ensured the new Dragon Age presented this week and although they did not mention a date, everything suggests that it is within the framework of The 2018 Game Game Awards.

Now, before singing a victory and preparing to live a new adventure, you should know that there are a few years to go. We will tell you because the report also reveals that the new one Dragon Age She is in a very early stage of development and, to date, the BioWare scheme, under the umbrella of Electronic Arts, is that its development process requires 3 years, although this may change at any time. Also, the information takes up what happened in the BioWare restructuring period and the departure of the franchise's religious director, Mike Laidlaw, in 2017, to find a time when the project was created that already has today's form and come to be next Dragon Age. In that sense, the information stipulates that the plans that still held Laidlaw were canceled and that Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, take control of the franchise working a bit back and confidential when developing Anthem.

So we have to wait for the 2018 Game Game Awards, Thursday, December 6, at 7:30 PM, Mexico City time, to confirm if we will see the new Dragon Age.

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