Monday , October 3 2022

Repacking Evil Residents 2 will weigh 21 GB



The weight of the games has become extremely important for players, especially for those who like to download them. If you have one of them and you're also waiting for a repeat Evil Residential 2, then you'll be glad to know that the title will not have so much space.

Recently the Microsoft Store have updated with weight information Resiling Evil Residential 2. As noted, the title will weigh 21.05 GB, a size that is too close to the one it has Resident Evil VII (21.34 GB in Xbox One and 22.16 GB in PS4).

For now, he still knows the pressure in which the game will be PS4 a PC, it is assumed that its size is similar or, at least, has a small variation in storage Xbox.

Resiling Evil Residential 2 It will be on sale for the next 25th January PS4, Xbox One to PC.

Source: Microsoft Store

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