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Register chest or bullet boxes on a crack track or nightclub in Fortnite


Register brackets or bullets on racquet or disk It's one of the Prohibition of full-time challenges, which comes to cover the hole left by the weekly challenges, until the start of season 8 at the end of the month.

One of the challenges of the extra time challenges are quarries or bullet boxes in and racing circuit or nightclub inside Tour which, as the name suggests, we have to go to these settings and interact with seven quotes or boxes of bullets. The biggest difficulty in this Fortnite challenge is to know where the race and nightclub in Fortnite are, something that we want to tell you in this guide.

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Register chest or bullet boxes on a crack track or nightclub in Fortnite

As we said, the main difficulty is to find the racing circuit and the disk. One of the places is sure, as it has been on the island since the fifth season, the racing circuit … but the other? Silently, we'll tell you …

Where is the racing track in Fortnite?

The racing circuit can be seen most northeast of the desert area, to the north of Oasis Ostentatious. Specifically, this is the area we marked on the map below:

where the fortnite racing circuit is

As you see there is no loss, and if you want to find chests or bullets, look both in the garage and in the control area of ​​the circuit or stalls. Come along, inside the three buildings that are in the area.

cofresters or bullet boxes in a fortnite racing circuit

Where's the disks on the Fortnite map?

The nightclub from Balsa Botín moved to the zone to freeze, to be exactly, in the south east area. I note on the map below:

where the fortnite dance club is

You will find chests and boxes of bullets inside the building and in the vicinity, such as the truck on either side or the small warehouse, where there are wooden pallets.

Register chests or bullet boxes at nightclubs

With this, you know how register the registered chests or bullet boxes on racist or nightclub in Fortnite. Remember that we have also given you the answer to all full-time challenges, such as:

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