Saturday , November 28 2020

Reggie talks about the importance of the first party games, Christmas sales, the Nintendo venue in the market and more –

"We have released many consoles, which we have seen what works to boost"He added." We've seen where we have lost momentum, and a key aspect is to offer a great launch sequence and, as you say, we have a series of key franchises for next year"

Along with this, it indicates that it is another key element the surprise factor, giving an example of Nintendo Labo and its connection to the Play Organization. However, it seems that the president does not take the risk to give a sale in perspective: "Nintendo analyzes historical performance from previous consoles. Not only our own platforms, but also those in the competition, "he said.

Think that Christmas they are a key time and believe that they will be able to analyze sales better this Christmas. "That will be a good time for us to consider where we and to think about how to continue to promote the console," it's sharing. "As you said, we have already surpassed selling to GameCube, we have already finished Wii U".

For this reason, they will place great pressure on sales in the coming weeks. Add that the games that will come later they will help maintain the momentum. "Certainly, either when Mr. Furokawa talks to the community of analysts in January or when we share our full year financial information in April, we will share even more & # 39; what our calendar likes to continue with momentum, "said the president.

Finally, that said they feel good about where they are in the market, although recognizing that they are against certain "historical norms". "Ultimately, as long as we continue to have the extremely strong software continuity, as well as great support from the third party community, large or small, we think we'll be in a position very good."

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