Friday , August 12 2022

Reduce the First Spacewalk to First Women Cos NASA doesn't have the best


The first women's space route, originally scheduled for this Friday, March 29, has been dumped because they couldn't already have two size spaces of women's size in time, according to a statement by NASA.

Does that sound like a joke? Because it's probably a real thing that happened.

NASA explains Anne McClain a Christina Koch are scheduled Friday for the second of three space trails in the International Space Stationbut since then they have found that they only have one empty space that suits women already and is available at the station. What they need is “basically shirt the space suit“,“medium hard hard torso size“.

Like The Verge he wrote, the decision was made to change the people who are walking / wearing suits that have already been prepared, rather than trying to rearrange the space suits they have by Friday – would & # 39 n means adding arms and leg segments to a medium sized second torso.

Still, if the space path had happened, it would have been the first to be led by women in space and on earth, with Kirsten Facciol Canadian Space Agency, t Mary Lawrence as chief flight manager, and Jackie Kagey lead flight flight manager.

The one will already be worn by Koch, and will be escorted on the space path by Nick Hague, which held the first in the series with McClain last Friday, March 22.

In doing so, Koch will be the 14th daughter to complete a space path, after the McClain, the 13th.

The first space and second space gaps are the installation of lithium batteries for one of the station's solar arrays, which essentially mean their solar panels (sidebar: the fact that the International Space Station also uses solar panels). neat as hell).

McClain is now expected to complete the third space path, along with the Canadian Space Agency David Saint-Jacques. Its purpose is to install jumper cables between the Unity module and the So Truss, which will set up the station's robotic arm power path – made by the Child Support Agency – A hundredm2. They will also install cables to improve their wireless connectivity and hard computer network capacity in space. For me, that means they help make the Wi-Fi better at SPACE.

If you would like to watch what is no longer a very historic space tour on Friday, it will be live from about 10.30pm AEDT, with the journey starting after midnight. HERE.



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