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Red Dead Redemption 2: the 35 most popular and most deprived places you can visit

Below we offer the 35 characters and more odd places you can visit in Red Dead Redemption 2, a compendium of secrets and curiosity that you want to see with your eyes and that may be your surprise.

They continue to find a host of secrets in Aberystwyth Red Dead Repayment 2, and other curiosity that we have already desgranado, adds to others that players from all over the world spread in social networks. And whether Red Dead Redemption 2 does not seem to be astonished, and every inch of earth seems to hide some kind of secret or curiosity.

We're collecting more entertaining places in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can visit you not only to see new locations but also to meet characters that you have not seen from before.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: the 35 most popular and most deprived places you can visit

Red Dead Repayment 2
  1. The hidden circus, you have the next thing to Manzanita Post, and where you can see a float that has even destroyed in even undesirable places.
  2. In the east of Braithwaite Manor you will find a hidden woman that has been locked in a small wooden structure.
  3. In the north of Lyn Barrow you will see a man's tomb with one leg. If you go to the nearby cabin you will find some details about this man's history.
  4. North of Roanoke Valley is a cabin where a meteorite has dropped and killed its members.
  5. East Grizzlies just below the "R", you will run into a monk who thinks at the top of the mountain.
  6. The woman burned at Braithwaite Manor, you'll see it after the mission where that area burns.
  7. In the north of West Elizabeth, near the beginning of the Little Creek River, you will see a type of plane that has hit the ground.
  8. In the north of Roanoke Valley you will find a meteorite grater.
  9. In the west of Lyn Owanjila you will encounter a pagan ritual with a featured sacrifice.
  10. In Bluewater Marsee with the "B" letter you will run to the spirit of Agnes.
  11. At Bacchus Bridge, you will meet a circus worker inside a sinist barrel.
  12. In the Little Creek River you will find a cabin where a bear will be scared for you as soon as you go in.
  13. At Ambarino at the height of "N", you will encounter a cavernron made originally by witches along with ritual.
  14. In Rhodes you will find, in a house basement, a kidnapped man. If you're upsetting the clothes, it will let you go to the basement.
  15. Outside the Flatneck station you'll get Bonnie's husband from the first game that has been badly injured next to a raft.
  16. In the north of Moonstone Pond a man hangs by the cliff
  17. From The Heartlands, you will see a tree with whiskey bottles, if you shoot them, they will put gold packs.
  18. In the northern area of ​​the map, near the river, you will see a robot at the top of the mountain.
  19. At Saint Denis near the small lake located to the southwest of the city, an inventor who will give you a small gift.
  20. In the west of Lyn Owanjila you will find several trees with carved surfaces.
  21. In the west of Deadboot Creek on top of the mountain, you will see a man dead in the snow and you can pick up his gun.
  22. In the west of Roanoke Valley you will see a fossil man in the mountains.
  23. In the east of Mount Shann you will enter a gorilla after stuffing.
  24. In West Elizabeth at the height of the first "T", you will find memories of a fan.
  25. In the west of Van Horn you will see a house and its inner bizarre creatures between them, it seems like a mutant.
  26. In Mount Hagen you'll find a rider after freezing near the rocks.
  27. Closer to Deadboot Creek in the northern area of ​​the map, you will find mamoth bones.
  28. In New Hanover at the "R" height you can locate a strange pentagram inside a cabin.
  29. East of Braithwaite Manor, near the river, you will see a slave body.
  30. In the north of Ambarino, just above the letter "O", you will see the great mountain that you will have a chat with.
  31. At Lemoyne at the height of the letter "O", you will see a deadly dead dead anaconda.
  32. In Lakay, a small church where you can go into a crew.
  33. Here is the area to the east of the map, a little further from Annesburg, you will see a strange description on one of the rocks.
  34. In New Hanover is slightly higher than the Hanover "N" letter. Next to a small lake you will find references to a type of disorder, in a cabin. At night a ship will leave.
  35. At Mount Shann you can see the stranger flying over the air again, but you have to climb the mountain and go at night.

Here are these Places and more entertaining characters that you can find in Red Dead Redemption 2. We remind you that you can consult us RDR2 analysis To find out more about the title and that you also have it available to you Red Dead Redemption Guide 2, The full of tricks and tips that will help you to complete other tasks that you have half and in sections that we set out below:

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