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Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, the man who took Natacha Jaitt to the place where he died – 02/24/2019

During Saturday hours Natacha Jaitt she was find dead in a room in the Xanadu event room, in Benavídez. Who took her was Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, a friend she was going to perform a series of events.

According to his passing, they came to the place to have a labor meeting: there, the producer confirmed, they planned to hold a hip hop festival next to Lissa Vera, a member of the bandana banda band.

To explain all this situation, which ended up strangely with the death of the media, Velaztiqui Duarte broke the silence he spoke to Mauro Viale in your A24 program.

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"I was in my house, on the disposal of his family, I had no connection, I had 33 hours without eating, without drinking water", was his first words. He added: "I'm lending voluntarily (to Justice) and asked me to do everything I need to check that I do not drink and (that night) I did not drink alcohol."

The producer's sayings have reason: lpreliminary autopsy results, held on Saturday at noon in San Fernando's morgue, They found that cocaine was in Jaitt's headquarters.

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"I'm far from the situation, but I was the one who came with her to Natacha, the one she took. And well, this nightmare (I live). That is why I ask a little patience. I'm very stupid"Velaztiqui Duarte explained.

And after a remarkable, broken, that's "they say barbaria, things that do not make sense"He explained step by step the story that ended with sad news about Jaitt's death.


"I was like this, I have known Natacha for many years, although we are not close friends and we did not have a relationship of daily relationships, I am very close to Lissa, the daughter of Bandana, that we were in a project to make a championship hip hop I met Natacha on the 31st of January on Lissa's birthday, we were talking about it, we were planning to run a series of events that we went to. "

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"On Valentine's day, we went to dinner for dinner and meet other people to create another project along with Lissa, because there were the people of the Civic there, to see what possibilities were to hold that hip hop. For a head that was the owner of the place, we were at a new meeting, then we went home to another meeting, we ate, we talked about the work project and then raised the possibility, due to a question of location, from He said he had a friend who was the owner of this place (Xanadu). This was on Tuesday last week. "


"After that lunch, I was able to contact me with this man, the owner of the place." On Thursday, they are transmitting the contact to me, I am communicating, I am presenting myself, I will tell us that Marcelo has contacted me about the possibility of a meeting. He says yes yesterday, a meeting was agreed to get to know the place, explain the project and see what the possibilities were. The meeting had scheduled for the 21st. "

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"As it rained greatly, it was Natacha for her house, I did not see anything out of place, we went there and it was late because it rained very hard, we arrived at 10:30 pm & # 39; rlochle. At that time, when we arrived there were two people More, Natacha and I did not know them, we had no more than the first connection of the meeting, we arrived, we met, we started talking about the project … At any time I was seeing people were eating and I did not see Natacha eating it. I was notified on the file, I did not notice anything strange until the time we were about to leave, they will not see my people at any time, they will only show me the image of the place. I do not know, fiction, I did not know it See, but I would have gone, part of the place I sat, I always sat, it was impossible to see, it does not see if (Natacha) is going up. I'm going to somewhere else, but I do not know why. I saw that she liked the kitchen. Then I do not know where it went. I lost for 15 minutes. And everything happens, they tell me she's sleeping. "


"Indeed, it kept my attention to it when we left, the owner of the place went down and said that she fell asleep. I'm thinking: & # 39; It's impossible if we are already leaving the meeting. He informed me. WhatsApp sent him, but as she did not answer it, it seemed strange to me, I started calling on it & Automatically, and I said: This is odd, and that's what happened later. I did not go to a drug, alcohol and prostitution party (it's broken), I am I did not have a good time, I went to work. "


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