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Rape report in San Pedro: they broadcast a video where the girl is seen dancing with the suicide suicide – 12/18/2018


Y disbelief towards the victim reporting abuse It has not been banned, despite the mention of Thelma Fardin and everything that came with her. At least in San Pedro there are many people in social networks protecting the Sports director who committed suicide two hours after being reported on violence by Marianela Sánchez through a video on Facebook.

"I do not believe you, Marianela!" Here is the closing message that WhatsApp has been militarized for these hours among those who live in San Pedro. Marianela Sánchez said a video a few days ago her teacher danced I had sexually abused when she was 13 years old. That teacher, Luis María Rodríguez, was suspended and this Sunday in that town in Buenos Aires. The defendant was also responsible for the Civic Sports Directorate.

The video accompanies the message and cycling where a number of dance couples are seen. As confirmed by urban sources Clarin, the video would be one or two years ago and that of those couples is Sánchez and Rodríguez.

"The one accused Luis María from social networks. It has never denied, only through social networks, Dancing in 2017 was very curious with a reputed rapist and she did not show her when the prosecutor queried her. He did not show up to declare! I do not believe you Marianela !!! ", said the message in its full format. This Tuesday, Sanchez prompted himself and did not appear at the office of prosecutor who was witnessed in the case that investigated to alleged suicide to the officer. "personal indisposition".

Luis María Rodríguez, director of San Pedro Civic Sports, was found dead in her home hours after being accused of rape.

Luis María Rodríguez, director of San Pedro Civic Sports, was found dead in her home hours after being accused of rape.

"If I'm in front of my rapist I'm not going to dance or move my cats and watching because they do not look at the video in a word, I'm not going to stimulate my attacker, please … "(sic). This is one of the number of messages that were distributed under the video where Sánchez and Rodríguez are dancing. Filming on that social network was published by the local media The newspaper of San Pedro. And doubt follows: "Haaaaaaaaaaaa … (sic), in another comment. And someone else adds:" You must go into prey ".

According to El Diario de San Pedro, the audiovisual record comes from 2017. "She always danced with that girlfriend to danced Marianela, as well as Luis, who have been dancing several times , recalls great dancers around Luis as a teacher, what does not suggest that what was reported was not true … "said one of the commentators on Facebook who had succeeded to defend Sanchez.

In most of those comments, as well as in the message that circulates WhatsApp among those living in San Pedro, there is a refusal against Sanchez: "I & Imagine that all those who said "less violin" will apologize, says one woman on Facebook

In dialogue with ClarinSanchez reflected on the man who said publicly as his abusive: "He was a very dear person in the town. Like any rapist, he wanted to include what he was really."

This newspaper also consulted with San Pedro municipal officers who confirmed that the accused and accused are those who are dancing on the track. As they explain, "they can see them second plane, when the camera makes panning to the right. "And the scene would have happened in the San Pedro Italian Society, where Rodriguez learned.

Prosecutor Marcelo Manso, who is investigating the suicide of Rodriguez, confirmed that the woman's statement will be postponed until later, although she explains that it was only called a witness and a # 39 ; she does not have to do that.

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