Thursday , May 26 2022

Rafa's mistake & # 39; Nadal is almost left out of Indian Wells


Rafael Nadal, second grandson, was first in the 1000 Masters at Indian Wells with a double win 6-1 over American Jared Donaldson.

His victory was incredible and simple, but he was almost defeated by the unusual error of the Spanish player: it was late for the game and was sailing for minutes.

"I thought it was at 8:00 p.m.," said Indian Wells's three-time champion as he arrived, and the United States replied: "Do not worry, we would not have started without it," said Donaldson.

However, the adjudicator would have dissolved Nadal if he had reached 18:15, because of the unfortunate. Article 3 of the regulation's code of conduct says: "Players must be ready to play their games when they are called in. Any player who is not ready to play within fifteen (15) minutes after calling his game, losing his match. "Although the judge has the power to analyze the situation and give a longer extension in case of an emergency.

The confusion of N ° 2 from the ATP world and site occurred to believe that the party would start 2 hours later and possibly the timetable change in the United States that came into effect yesterday has caused & # 39; r error.

For Nadal this is his third tournament of the year: he lost the Australian Opening Cup against the Novak Djokovic Serbian, and lost in the second round of Acapulco against the Australian Nick Kyrgyz. In Indian Wells, it's like to be at home.

Not only is the Spanish Rafael Nadal developed in the tournament that takes place in the California desert, as Argentines Diego Schwartzman and Guido Pella also go to the third stage. Immediately, the "Peque" will compete with "Rafa" in this case. There are 26 in the world of abolition Spanish Spanish Roberto Carballes Baena, 25, 111 of the world.

Argentina and the best Spanish racets will face for the seventh time and the record is dominated comfortably by the European who won the six games.

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