Sunday , August 14 2022

Quesada confirmed the team to face Bulls


The year 2019 for Jaguars they did not start the way they wanted it since the first time in a new one Super Rugby they lose those who have been second in the previous tournament. Despite having a negative result, Argentina's franchise showed some ideas of what it's looking for Gonzalo Quesada for your team.

In the morning, the Argentine team must face South African Bulls, which is always a real dispute game by the physical. The Head of Trainer decided to make two variations in relation to those who were losing loss Lions: one needs since the cruncher Gonzalo Bertranou has suffered a traumatic intervention in his right shoulder, it is still necessary to carry out the relevant studies to determine the recovery periods.

Instead of Bertranou going in Cubelli He will make his presentation in the national team for previous years if he played this tournament but with the Australian Brumbies shirt. The other change is income Kremer instead of Rodrigo Bruni who played a role more than acceptable on the first date.

Thus, fifteen Quesada decided to jump on court to face Bulls: Mayco Live, The Agustn Creevy, The Santiago Medrano, The Guido Petti, The Toms Lavanini, The Pablo Matera, The Marcos Kremer a Javier Ortega Desio; Tom Cubelli, The Joaqun Daz Bonilla, The Ramiro Moyano, The Jernimo De la Fuente, The Matas Orlando, The Bautista Delguy a Joaqun Tuculet.

In the deputy bank, they will wait for their opportunity: Julin Montoya, The Juan Pablo Zeiss, The Enrique Pieretto, The Matas Alemano, The Rodrigo Bruni, The Tuesday Landajo, The Juan Cruz Malla a Matas Moroni. The game will be held at the Jos Amalfitani Stadium of 18:40 and will be broadcast on the second channel signal ESPN.

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