Friday , August 19 2022

Queensland Museum finds space to celebrate space exploration


"We had to bring many of them through the usual way, we have a pretty large product lift, but we also had to crane outdoors and pull the wall off the museum only to include them. "

The exhibition has timed to match 50 years since the moon landed this year, and it is the latest repetition of an international space display that has been hosted in several cities across the world.

Exhibition coordinator Jukka Nurminen said the event would contain 250 large and small items, 90 of them originally, with the remaining replicas.

Cockpit will replicate the size of US space shuttle at the NASA exhibition center - A Human Adventure & # 39; at Queensland Museum.

Cockpit will replicate the size of US space shuttle at the NASA exhibition center – A Human Adventure & # 39; at Queensland Museum.Credit:Stuart Layt

"The replicas we need to get because we can not get the original from the US, they are national treasures," said Mr. Nurminen.


"We have the first Titan rocket engine in the early 1960s, which will be just across the replica shuttle".

However, for Mr Nurminen, the highlight of the exhibition is the collection of space suits, with examples of the early days of flying with men to Apollo's trips.

"Already in the world you can see the full range of space suits, all from Mercury to Apollo," he said.

"We also have an extremely rare Apollo level suit that shows 14 layers of the suit. I do not know anywhere in the United States that you could see this type of collection in one place."

Queensland Minister of Science, Leeanne Enoch, said the exhibition was the first to be hosted at the newly renovated exhibition space at the museum.

"The Government of Palaszczuk's $ 3.25 million investment to see that expansion, which is not just the case, is the largest exhibition the museum has ever held, but there is a & Give us the chance to hold major events in the future, "said Ms Enoch.

"This exhibition, which is opening a week before the World Science Festival in Brisbane, is a great opportunity for young people and youngsters to come to see Queensland Museum and be excited about exploring space."

The exhibition also includes a number of items from Skylab, the United States space station crash in the middle of Australia in the 1970's.

It will run until October this year, and this is the only NASA exhibition that will be held in Australia during this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon cleansing.

Stuart Layt covers health, science and technology for the Brisbane Times. He was formerly a Queensland political correspondent for AAP.

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