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Prices and launch date in Spain

Redmi 7, Snapdragon for the best price

Xiaomi Redmi 7

This Redmi 7 delivery letter cannot be clearer. By 139 euros, you get a splendid quality phone, finishing worthy of a high range and Snapdragon processor, which is Snapdragon 632 exactly to include daily use without problems. This processor has eight core, four high performance and four other energy savings, so we can balance usage in line with the rising requirements. This allows quite excellent autonomy motion, even more if we think the integrated battery offers a capacity of 4,000 mA.

These features mean that the terminal is an ideal choice for many users, and while we have to prove their performance live with our tests, on paper, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 looks like a medium phone that is hard to beat.

The rest of the specifications follow the line of offering very complete features with a very interesting profile, as it has a double back camera of 12 and 2 megapixels and a front camera to install in a notch that will allow you to have quality autobiographies and facial recognition the same time styling the screen with very small belts.

Features of the Redmi 7

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  • 6.26 HD + inch screen (1,520 x 720 pixels) with Gorilla Glass 5
  • Snapdragon 633-core
  • 2GB / 4GB of RAM
  • Store 16GB / 32GB
  • Dual camera of 12 megapixels (1.25 nanometers, f / 2.2) and 2 megapixels
  • 8 megapixel front camera with AI portrait mode
  • Fingerprint reader on the back
  • Battery 4,000 mA
  • 158.73 x 75.58 x 8.47 millimeters
  • 180 grams of weight

How to buy the Redmi 7 in Spain

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With this statement, you won't just have to look at Xiaomi's official stores and authorized dealers to get a unit, terminal that starts in 139 euros for the version of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB o internal memory. Those who need more memory can acquire the Redmi 7 with 3 GB and 32 GB Storage by 159 euro. Of course, you will have to wait a few days until 4 April (and a few more days depending on the version) to be able to access it, as it will not appear in stores until then.

  • Xioami Redmi 7 2GB / 16GB: 139 euros (from April 15)
  • Xioami Redmi 7 3GB / 32GB: 159 euro (for sale on April 4)
  • Xioami Redmi 7 3GB / 64GB: € 179 (for sale on April 26)

In addition, the brand has also taken advantage of the announcement to confirm the arrival of Redmi Note 7 of 128 GB capacity, which will have a price of 249 euro and will be sold from April 4 onwards.

Will you get a launch discount?

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The interesting thing about coming Redmi 7 to Spain is that it will coincide with Xiaomi's birthday celebration, a party that will start immediately on April 4 and a number of discounts will be made across the web. For the first time, all we know is that they will be celebrating the day without VAT in the 6th on the 6th, so you will need to see if this new Redmi 7 is also being promoted and is set with a very difficult price to overcome.

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