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Presidential survey of one of the councilors that measure for Government – 11/16/2018


Except in very specific cases, the Government is reluctant to spread surveys. Days ago, Clarin revealed the concern that was in La Rosada due to the collapse of Mauricio Macri's weight, with image figures similar to those of Cristina. The survey belonged to Aresco, one of the consultants who usually work for the Government. Now this newspaper agreed to another study, but from Isonomía, a signature associated with the emblem of the current management of the current president. In addition to an image, you have voting data.

The survey, national and corresponding to October, is one of the monthly surveys that Isonomía prepares for private clients. In this case, the consultant asks for an electoral situation of Primary schools, where including five candidatess: Macri, Cristina Kirchner, Sergio Massa, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Nicolás del Caño.

Y President leads with 31 points, then Cristina with 22, Massa with 14, Urtubey with 9 and Del Caño with 4. 13% choosing "no" and 7% "do not know / do not answer".

In terms of other distributed and published surveys Clarin During October and November, there is a central point to note: Cristina "baja" and "altos" appear to be Massa and Urtubey. In other surveys, the former president is usually about 30 points, equally or higher than Macri, and PJ Alternative benchmarks fall to 10 and 5, approximately.

Isonom's second board discriminate against the voting by gender, age and educational level:

– With regard to the discrimination between men and women, there are very few variations in each candidate.

– In terms of age ranges, how will it be confirmed? Macri is growing as age increases of voters. Cristina, on the other hand, shows even more support, although with 23 points enough to beat the President among those aged between 16 and 29.

– Other that Del Caño is strong among young people, which rises to 8%, twice the overall average.

– Through an educational level, Macri does not suffer fluctuations, Cristina grows between those who finish the "initial" and "secondary" and fall into the "middle" ". Just the other way around Massa.

The consultant also includes in his mainstream image survey.

– In the case President, they saw the curves since 2012. They always had more positive or negative numbers, so far this year there was a break and today the balance is obvious in red. Although there are less dramatic figures than those spread by other consultants: Isonomía gives 53% negative and 43% positive.

– In terms of Cristina, the measurement starts in 2010 and shows much more councils. Until a break takes place in 2016 and the negative image is also predominantly. The last numbers? 60% negative and 36% positive.

– Measured since 2012, Massa It showed a positive balance until the beginning of last year, when the fall began. Now it combines 47% negative and 33% positive.

– Last, Urtubey Here is the only one with a more positive image (37%) or negative (33%), but still has a high level of ignorance (18%).

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