Friday , August 12 2022

Prepare weapons to go to death at Red Dead Online


Although he still has status as a Beta experience, there is no doubt Red Dead Online has started to work on its own way and players will be pleased to know that there is a great deal of content going to the online component and the best thing is that this will happen in a few days.

By press release, Rockstar Games introduced the latest news from Red Dead Online who will arrive next February 26 with the methods, challenges and content of a new game of all kinds. According to the information provided by the company, the first thing that players will find when installing the update will be the Gold Shooting method, where the participants will have to face a death duel to try to delete the player that has the tools at the first time. golden, then cut records of points and losses according to the number of elements that occur when it happens.

Also, the next update of Red Dead Online It will enable us to compete in something that we love: fishing. From next February 26, the players will be able to take part in the fishing challenges that the system will provide everything you need, and you will only have to reach when the competition takes place. The best thing is that the obstacle will stop for a moment and you will not have to be aware that some illegal will shoot you, so just focus and try to get the heavier copies so you can win.

On the other hand, the component is online from Red Dead Repayment 2 He will receive new combat methods: Supply of Explosives, War Boots and Slippery. In addition, players will have the opportunity to experience their skills by riding their horses while shooting at different targets and trying to get there first, thanks to the Race with Objectives approach. It is worth mentioning that PS4 users will have early access to the Free Run with Objectives.

Finally, the update on February 26 Red Dead Online He will bring her clothes, new gestures and a new tool with her, such as the repetitive Evans rifle and the exotic diary, which is basically a more powerful version of D. Packenbush's double weapon.

Red Dead Repayment 2 available on PS4 and Xbox One. In this link you will find all the information related to the successful Rockstar West games.

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