Wednesday , January 27 2021

Practices of the Argentine doctor in the fight against retiniol cancer in children | Chronic

By Matías Resano
@ mresano

In a health center in the city of Spain, new medical research is being done that aims to produce viable, effective and disadvantageous treatment of retin cancer in children. Disease that affects babies, mostly one year old, and although curable, current methods have significant adverse effects on their vision and body. So, a team of experts, which includes a professional Garrahan Hospital, develops with a procedure that can improve cancer without causing any harm to the small patient.

At the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, in the city of Barcelona, ​​a revolutionary medical initiative was launched, focusing on the creation of effective and healthy treatment for children suffering from retinoblastoma cancer. A visual condition that reached a record of eight thousand cases worldwide, forty in our country, and that occurs in children from 1 to 2 years. There is a lack in the pupil's white glow, under strabismus, redness and inflammation, blurred vision and eye pain, and represents 11% of malign tumors among children of the age mentioned.

As a result, routine routine was a normal procedure, but in some cases this cancer usually occurs in the eye organ, so the child can completely lose their visual ability. For this reason, there is a second mechanism that includes inter-arterial chemotherapy, which is performed by introducing a catheter in the groin and taken to the ophthalmic artery to administer chemotherapy locally , apply it and is in force at the moment. Another in this is local chemotherapy, which is called light humor. But in addition to reducing the defenses and causing damage to the hearing, in 30% cases the tumor does not respond and the specialist must turn to the eye.

Therefore, at the health center above, doctors carry out a clinical trial Jaume Catalá, The Jaume Mora a Guillermo Chantada, this last Co-ordinator of Garrahan Hospital Medication.

He only referred to the doctor Chronic what "It's a bit beyond what we did in Barcelona because it involves taking the virus that's causing cold and genetically modified." The new is that this virus duplicates and attacks directly on tumor cells, and not healthy ones. Retina, it's optional. ".

The procedure includes several cases, an initial one in the laboratory, where the research was developed, and the animal experiment was carried out later. The experience is currently being extended to two children, in the test mode, with the desire to determine the dosage and toxicity, as well as the virus be implemented.

Therefore, the drivers themselves make it clear that it is premature to determine how effective they are. However, Chantada acknowledged that "What has been found is very positive because the virus is aggressively selective and is currently having a very good response".

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