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"Poverty is very expensive"


Monday, December 3, 2018

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands gave a unique interview to the Dialogue with Longobardi program where he spoke about financial inclusion to eradicate poverty, empower women and the countryside situation he saw.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who is a special adviser to the UN Secretary General on financial inclusion for development, gave a unique interview to the program that Marcelo Longobardi holds on the CNN signal.

In a dialogue with Longobardi, Zorreguieta revealed that "since he was 14" he wanted to be an economist because he believed it was "important to help people put themselves in an economy".

"I believe there are three very important groups that we must work specially, the whole rural and agricultural part, women's sex, and everything that's small and medium sized , which is the most important job generators in the world, today in the Netherlands also the producers of innovation, "said the UN Foundation advisor.

"In many places of the world, not only in Argentina, we have noticed that, if a person from smaller resources has to get a loan, it pays much more expensive than what a person would higher income paid ", Máxima revealed to deepen what" poverty is very expensive ".

"The G20 left Macri's optimism and optimism in the markets"

"Credit, when you have to make a saving, usually consumed by inflation or saved on animals, if there is a lack of rain loses," Queen Holland argued, adding: "I hope that the economic situation will be more favorable, that we can really increase financial inclusion over the next three years, I believe that there is a lot of potential. "

Regarding the situation in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, the adoption estimated that "inflation is the unconscious number to save" in the region, and said that Latin America has "a formal saving of 12% less than half of developed countries. "

"Regulatory changes are very important in Argentina," said the Queen's Queen, adding: "Financial inclusion can not be made without a fixed financial framework."

Finally, Zorreguieta spoke against the women's inequality and explained how she works towards equality: "We're putting a lot of emphasis on women because we have a gap between 7% and 9% can not globally. We need to work on how to help set up their businesses, have more ambition for growth, those banks believe they are more because they are better payers, they are much more loyal. "

"The main title of the G20 is that the Summit was not exploding"

In Dialog with Longobardi, it's broadcast every Sunday on the CNN signal in Spanish.

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