Wednesday , January 27 2021

PlayStation reveals its new digital rebate policies


As in other digital sales platforms, PlayStation have updated its policies for refunds that you can return the value of what you have to spend with it, as long as they comply with certain rules. These policies apply to games, DLC, pre-sale and even subscriptions to PS Plus, Spotify o PS Music.

The company's support portal has set out the new rules for repaying content that you have already paid for and which you no longer want to use. The money will be added to your portfolio PlayStation so you can use it in another product.

These new policies are currently available in accounts United States a The United Kingdom. But a few more regions are added a little. You can check the status of the Latin American store here.

Basically, the new policies depend on the repayment claim within a period of 14 days after the charge has been made. But there are different rules for each case.

Repayment for games, DLC and additions: You should not have downloaded it or started the process on your console. Nor is it relevant if the product was simplified.

Pre-sale refund: It can be done before the game is officially sold. You can request a refund up to 14 days after the launch, as long as you haven't downloaded it.

Repayment for subscriptions: It can be done in a period of 14 days after the subscription started, but it will depend on the usage given to it.

Repayment for username change: There is no refund in this case, or to return to the name you received from the front.

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