Tuesday , August 9 2022

Pity Martnez, the best 10 of the MLS?


Y Atlanta United He's preparing for his first game in the Concachampions and to face a new season of Big League Soccer. They have a new technician and a new player that they hope they will, as it was Miguel Almirn, the perfect companion for Josef Martnez.

It's about Pity Martnez, who have been responsible for showing their quality in all training and pre-time games. Well, the MLS has announced the top 5 best numbers number 10 of the tournament, and they have located Argentina as number one, and that has not yet argued, but they clearly have great expectations about it.

Y Big League Soccer consider that Martnez "The South American football player," even compares with Neymar, Tevez, Ronaldinho, as he is a regular winner. In addition, in his last year in Aberystwyth Afon Plate, is an important piece for Marcelo Gallardo.

Martnez have the opportunity to show what is done on March 3, when the Georgia ones will be measured to DC United of the Great Wayne Rooney.

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