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Pía Shaw leaves América TV in a surprising way and in the midst of versions


Notera, mobile, producer, panelist, host, floor or outdoor, Pia Shaw did it all in American television. And this week he was shocked with news that no one expected: he is leaving the signal Palermo, the channel where he first made his weapons on television more than 15 years ago.

Except for an intermediate stage through the programs IN Y. PM, by Telefe, along with current host Verónica Lozano Knowledgeable about everything built almost his entire career on American TV, establishing herself as one of the station’s female figures.

He returned in 2016 to take over driving Disgraceful (where she had previously worked as a mobile phone worker), a year after Santiago del Moro’s departure, that happened Refractory.

He drove last year Take part, with Mariano Iúdica, and he went on IDT with another historic channel company: Guillermo Andino. On the fateful Wednesday, November 25, they had to bring the news of Diego Maradona’s death to life, starring in one of the television’s moments of the year.

Pía Shaw in front "Knowledgeable about everything" with Guillermo Andino.

Pía Shaw in charge of “Knowledgeable about everything” with Guillermo Andino.

But this week, the announcement of his departure also coincided with the version of a possible future as “angelita” in the Angel de Brito, just when Angels in the morning He is in the process of changing his staff of journalists. Days ago, for example, it was learned that Karina Iavícoli was leaving the program.

And the rumor got even louder because Pía was involved, along with Pilar Smith, o The viewer, the radio magazine that De Brito has in it CNN Radio, Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm And will continue to do so in 2021, confirming a new season of the district.

Pía Shaw, Ángel de Brito and Pilar Smith, team "The viewer", in the evening on CNN Radio.

Pía Shaw, Ángel de Brito and Pilar Smith, “The Spectator” team, in the afternoons on CNN Radio.

Speculation about Pía’s future became so insistent that De Brito had to go out and explain that it was not the case that his friend and partner could join LAM.

“It’s a lie that Pía Shaw is starting as a starter this Monday Angels in the morning. Not next Monday, not the one that follows, not next month. She’s my radio partner, and nothing else for the time being. As a guest, you can come, now, ”Angel wrote forcefully.

Pía reassured herself that she still doesn’t know what the next step in her TV career will be after closing the episode dedicated to her America. “It was a year of much work,” he said confidently, with his head about to rest and analyze options.

For now, an intense week and many emotions await him until Friday the 11th, the day marked as his farewell to the channel where he took his first steps, forged friendships and grew professionally.

Ángel de Brito's message about Pía Shaw's future outside América TV.

Ángel de Brito’s message about Pía Shaw’s future outside América TV.

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