Monday , October 3 2022

PHOTOS and PHOTOS.- A Gymnastics arrived in Mendoza who settled for the Argentine Cup final


The coach stayed in Guaymallén 48 hours before the game against Rosario Central. In the Mendoza capital there was rain during the afternoon

MENDOZA (Special weapons) .- A Gymnastics delegation is already in the state of Mendoza who has set in front of the final Cup of the Argentina Cup which will be played next Thursday before Rosario Central from 21.15 at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium.

On the trip that led to the Albiazul campus at land after 17.50 and from there they moved to the Guaymallén section where they stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel minutes before 19.

According to what many of the composers said, the landing came a few minutes because of the intense storm with rain and strong winds that fell in Mendoza at that time.

After settling into the hotel rooms, the players went to get a snack.

Tomorrow is organized to train in Mendoza. From the 10th of the clock there will be a final exercise at the Godoy Cruz venue, where the ball play will be reviewed, assaulted and defended. This is the final practice before the final, and it will be focused, it's only time to watch videos from the competitor and make the only technical conversation.

The expectation of the fans

Despite the bad weather, a group of fans from La Plata, who live in Mendoza, welcomed the players in front of the hotel. Minutes before they spoke to the special nicknames and expressed their expectations and their wish for a favorable outcome.

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