Tuesday , May 17 2022

Paran to Germán Delfino – TyC Sports


After his poor performance at the Student and Gymnastics meeting, Germán Delfino will not be part of the next draw for referees.

The main question for Dolphin is to abolish Lorenzo Faravelli when the first half averages and the classic Platense, who was in Pincha's hands, was 0-0.

"He sent him away because of the speed, the strength, and everyone," said the judge in a dialogue with TyC Sports. When the game came to an end, it showed the Red Card Mateo Retegui, which also seemed too much.

Delfino has also abolished Gymnastics coach, Darío Ortiz, and after the game Alexis Martín Arias, the red keeper for Wolf, showed.

Faravelli left the court to be expelled and between attacks

Arias took the ball to Dolphin and saw the red card

Ortiz: "delfino =" "was =" "determinante =" "para =" "que =" "will win =" "students ="

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