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Pampita’s reaction after an unusual air blooper one of her panelists


Paula Galloni wanted to show her skill with skateboarding but something went wrong (Video: “Pampita Online” – NET TV)

Day after year of marriage to Roberto Garcia Moritan, Carolina Pampita Ardohain he was in front of his magazine Pampita Online, broadcast in the afternoons of NET TV. With her usual friendly and relaxed style, the model and her team went through the various themes of the show and current affairs. Everything was on schedule, until a live accident changed the routine and caused laughter from all members of the circle.

The spark came from the usual tour they take on social networks, where they included a video of the actress Miriam Lanzoni rollover, which ended with a fall. When they returned to the floor, the panelist Paula Galloni He returned to the subject and wanted to know the wheel experience of his companions: “Have you ever skated or rolled?” It was a circumstantial question and everyone joined the questionnaire. For example, the journalist Alejandra Martinez He said he learned to walk when he was brought up and acknowledged that he had suffered some falls. For her part, Pampita recalled her childhood, recalling the orange four-wheeled skates and her adventures at the time of the Pampas nap.

Paula Galloni, Pampita Online panelist
Paula Galloni, Pampita Online panelist

In the middle of the debate about the types of shots, Paula took sides. “With skateboarding I’m brave than with rollers”he announced and from the production they gave him a skateboard to show his ability. The panelist got up, while her partner did Martin Arozarena she helped with the microphone. “No tacos, Paula, please,” Martinez begged, while Pampita asked if they had insurance or ART.

Paula kicked off her shoes, settled in the skateboard, and embarked on an adventure. For a few seconds he kept his balance, until his right foot touched the back of the skateboard and fell backwards. Pampita’s first reaction, almost instinctively, was to hold her face and pretend: “We knew this would happen!” Always with a smile, Paula greeted the closely watched camera man lying on the studio floor, while her colleagues rose to help her. He rose, with a bow and a smile, to the applause of everyone.

“You were coming along really well, Paulita,” Alejandra lamented and the panelist explained the accident. “I skidded at the end because it hit the wheel of the camera cart, and I went back. But nothing happened, I’m safe and sound. “Luckily I don’t try, she’s the bravest,” Pampita admitted. “I’m happy because I got the long dress. There is no television appearance without a fall, ”says Paula. “We already have our year-end blooper,” Pampita celebrated and asked the production for a video of the slow-moving crash.

Details of Paula Galloni’s slow motion while skateboarding (Video: “Pampita Online” – NET TV)

In the next block they put the blooper in the air and proceeded to frame by frame analysis of the fall. “He was coming back,” Pampita said while the images of his onboard partner didn’t control the outcome. “I want to explain something, I have an airbag. I fell with my tail, “he said with irony. But the driver noticed details that he didn’t miss. “He said, ‘I hit the wheel.’ Na na na “, She distracted the panelist with indignation, and exercised a defense she did not even believe. “I thought I’d hit the wheel,” he said laughing, pointing to a camera man. Martínez solved everything with a football decision: “The VAR says there was no fault.”

Paula had no choice but to admit that her alibi had little support. “Obviously that was my mistake, and my coach is going to teach me that I don’t have to step back”he admitted. “He said, ‘I look good at skateboarding,'” Martinez recalled. “What should be with the rollers”, says the publisher. “I made the canchera, the truth is not that easy”Paula finished, regretting her courage but not losing her smile, knowing she had secured a place in the end of year summaries with that image.


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