Sunday , January 24 2021

Pampita spoke for the first time of Benjamín Vicuña

Pampita she mentioned how the actor is developing in relation to her parents' obligations. Look what he said!

While Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain a Benjamín Vicuña They didn't bring their love relationship to an end in the best way, it seems that that time has filed some rough edges that have been between the artists.

During Monday afternoon, in a dialogue with Implacablesthe Dancer's jury referred very well to the role a man uses as the father of the three children, as he published la100.

The girl's statements were about the fractions that Fabian Cubero a Nicole Neuman in respect of the joint ownership agreement.

"When I spoke in my program I wasn't talking about Nicole but about me and how hard it is when you're not on your children's side, how you're getting used to it, you can't and it gives you an impression when little son He's on an airplane and you're not there, "he added.

"I tried to remember a little bit of how I lived and the time it took me to assimilate all that, and to take it naturally," said who is in relation to Mariano Balcarce right now. .

Later, the driver added: "Personally, I would love to never have to separate from the boys. But you don't have another one and the best thing that can happen to boys is to rise with both parents equally. They need the mother's figure and the father every day of their lives"

At that time, the chronicler of the television circle wanted to know if Vicuña was a "present father" and Pampita did not hesitate to answer: "Yes, re-introduce, about a good father." I love his children, they love being with him, they're spending a particularly cute time and I will always encourage that to the kids"It came to an end.

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