Sunday , January 24 2021

Pampita spoke about the role of Benjamin's father Vicuña: "It's present and they love being with him"

The top was chatting with Implacables about his ex-partner and his relationship with him Baptist, Beltane a Benicio.

Pampita spoke about Benjamín Vicuña:

Three years after their disgraceful separation, the connection between Pampita a Benjamín Vicuña It seems to be going through a good time. This was made clear at the top of his latest interview with Implacables, where his father praised his children Baptist, Beltane a Benicio.

When the chronicle asked him about the conflict Nicole Neumann a Fabián Cubero For her eternal opponent's journey to Salta with her three daughters, Pampita spoke about her experience as a separate mother: "When I spoke on my program I wasn't talking about Nicole but about me and how difficult it is when you're not on the side of your children, how you get used to it, you lose and it gives you an impression when a tiny child is on an airplane and you're not there. how I lived and the time it took me to assimilate all that, and to take it naturally.

Is Benjamin an existing father? "Yes, reintroduce, for a good dad, he loves his children, they love to be with him, they're spending very cute time and I'll always encourage that to & # 39 the children "

"Personally I would love to never have to separate from the children. But you don't have another one and the best thing that can happen to boys is to rise with the They need the mother's figure and the father every day of their lives, "he said about the dynamics of the family.

"Is Benja an existing father?" The journalist asked. Then Pampita spoke very well to her before: "Yes, second, good dad. He loves his children, they love being with him, they're spending a special time of cute and I will always encourage that to the children. "

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