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Oscar Ruggeri, without secrets: from Carlos Tevez's faculty to a serious complaint against the Conmebol doctor – 11/26/2018

Oscar Ruggeri added a new data to the finalists of the Libertadores Copa finalist, who lost this weekend, first on Saturday and then on Sunday. In the 90Minutos program of Fox Sports, where he participates as a panellist, he said he had spent an hour talking to Carlos Tevez and that Apache told him what happened with the Conmebol doctor. "He went into the dressing room and told them to take a cortisone because the game was played. Tevez told us that he was going to get rid of the anti-drug control and he replied: the rest that nothing will happen with the drugs & # 39;", The world champion with the National Team confirmed.

Y Stubborn head Ruggeri said at one time: "Tevez told me that the doctor had come in with several sprays and told them:" Give this, that's fine by 18. At that time, & # 39 ; the game starts, mad, you can not believe it.

In the middle of the chaos, on a Saturday afternoon several doctors from Conmebol went to the dressing room several times. What's the Rugger account has to circulate in Monumental corpses. However, no-one could get it. Ruggeri now part of a chat with Tevez, who was inside the room and then very angry with the Conmebol leaders.

The release of Conmebol, after reviewing some players, said "Boca Juniors players had superficial skin injuries at the top, lower, surface and trunk road, in the same way as reporting that there were 2 players had cornea injuries, and could not be confirmed by our medical body. "The document will be signified by doctors Osvaldo Pangriazo, Francisco Mateu, Jorge Pagura to José Veloso.

"If we were going to play we had five goals, because we could not move, we could not breathe"Ruggeri also tells the Boca on in the telephone conversation they had on Sunday.

Jorge Batista, Boca doctor, on Saturday himself was very angry with colleagues at Conmebol. He wrote in his Twitter account: "Doctors of the Conmebol who came to the dressing room saw and checked everything and then for the potential economic benefits of LIE and going out to say that players can play."

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