Friday , August 19 2022

One of the women Marcelo Tinelli was separated


In the last hours, that was learned Micaela Tinelli had separated from her partner, manager of the artist Guido Iannaccio. Although she suspects for some time that the couple were no longer with each other, she was finally confirmed that she was a girl Marcelo Tinelli She was once again

Older daughter of driver I was in partnership with the manager of Chano and Oriana Sabatini (from and before it had been Tan Biónica to Cande Tinelli) for two years, but appear to have already separated at the beginning of the year.

Immediately, it has been several weeks since they have been seen with each other, Mica Share moments with friends, or even on a trip to Miami due to his company. The information about the distress was spread by the journalist Laura Ubfal, who confirmed that the separation dates from early January. Before starting your relationship Iannaccio, The Mica had been in a couple for three years with Agustín "Tutti" Diez.

Micaela Tinelli and Guido Iannaccio

Micaela Tinelli and Guido Iannaccio

Meanwhile, her sisters continue with their courts: Cande Tinelli is dating Luca Bonomi, son of textile entrepreneur, through Juana she is in love Tomás "Toto" Knoll, son i Flor Peña, which they recently shared with a trip to California Marcelo Tinelli to Guillermina Buckets.

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