Tuesday , August 16 2022

"One day he told me that she had three options …" Strong Revelations of Roco Oliva for Diego Maradona!


Diego Armando Maradona is a real life and, for this reason, all the people who come and have the opportunity to know what their counterparts can count on countless stories about the particular character and events of the most important player in history; Roco Oliva was a partner for many years and now has recently been separated, he agreed to give Moria Casn an extensive interview on Amrica TV where he released several phrases that promise to bring many arguments, for example:

For six years I wanted to want it, and I'm not sorry but when it came to anxiety to make my goals, the only option was to separate. The subject we have been talking for for some time and we did not achieve it, but their wishes is that they are at the bottom of the best. He always told me I'll be happy the day you're with a man making a family, and I would like that. If you want to study or play football, do not agree. And we separate that and through many other things.

The young girl continued as she met the player: it's every summer to Mar del Plata to see the Plate Superclassic River – Boca. We arrived and went to the beach. We stayed all day, it was a night and we realized we did not go to order the hotel. There was a show where they sang Los pimpinela, my friend tells me there is no hotel for free. He tells me he is going to call a friend of Los Pimpinela's guardian. They tell us they are leaving and having the hotel until 6:00 in the morning, so we could sleep. The Hermitage Hotel started to see many people. Diego Maradona or micro was down and there was a gentle man who was about to go on my head, I'll run to the boy as if he was about to go on my head and Diego looks at me and smiles me and leads my eye. We went to the hotel, my friend came and he told me he wanted to take a picture with Diego because he was from Boca. A boy comes and he tells us who's the one who wants to take the picture? & # 39; And he tells us that Diego had seen a girl with a French jacket that was a divine, I was.

Oliva also referred to other issues, for example:

One day, he told me he had three options: what my words were with the girl was Vernica Ojeda, I did not know; Another was the girls, and another wanted, who wanted to be with me.

One day, he told me, as Claudia Villafae did not say that I loved you and I love you.

I think Diego is a big person who has everything to be happy, but he depends on it. One can be and help, but if it does not start with it, nothing can be done.

At one point, I thought the theme of Diego Junior had been done wrong and that's what his life is missing. After knowing him, he was hopeful that he was fine and his usual life lasted.

Ojeda was from Ojeda who always made my life impossible. Diego was going to see the baby and told me he had baby, she was mad. With the girls I had a good relationship at the beginning, then there were small things but they were not as serious as they were.

In 2014, it was a separate and since I did not want to go to Buenos Aires, he said he would have problems when he arrived at Ezeiza. He said that rings and ipods had disappeared.

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