Tuesday , January 26 2021

Omar Wehbe, Vélez's glory died

Omar Wehbe, the glory of the first Vélez champion in the 1968 National Tournament, He died this Saturday at 74, after intense fighting against degenerative neurological disease.

Social networks Fortin confirmed the death of the old leader, who developed an intense campaign in Liniers entity converting 56 goals in 95 matches between 1965 and 1970.

The Turkish dedication in that championship, when the team Manuel Giudice won the first professional title in the club's history, after being in the triangular final on Racing (4-2) and River (1-1).

In that competition, Wehbe Scored 16 points and this is the highest scorer, standing out of the five who shouted to Hurricane de Bahía Blanca, in an unusual 11-0 in the context of the thirteenth.

The old footballer came to an end on his 27-year-old career in Chacarita (1971), due to an injury that impaired his succession in professional football.

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