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Official statement of the River for the restoration of the Superclassic records


December 5, 2018

The Millionaire set announced a statement explaining how the money repayment process will be for those who bought tickets for the River – Boca in the Monumental.

River Libertadores tickets

After the acts of violence towards the micro Boca Iau That was going to the stadium Afon Plate to argue the second end of the Libertadores Cup I deferred, y CONMEBOL He decided that this party would be played out of the continent and Madrid chose the confederation as headquarters.

Before this transfer, the fans Millionaires they had not received their tickets to attend Monumental yet do not know how the money would be repaid and many intend to make the club's collective calls for everything that happened. Now River He gave a statement on repayment of the amount of tickets paid.

In the following, it refuses to change location, taking into account provisions CONMEBOL distort competition and create inequalities in terms of conditions, since the set directed by Marcelo Gallardo loses its location and the possibility of playing the game before its people. In addition to the damage played by the game Madrid, about the costs and distances.

"They are all ……, they're afraid of death", the spicy theme of the anti-Boca'r Afon prepared for the Survey

Here, the official statement of River Plate:

River Plate Atlético Club confirms its refusal to change location for the Libertadores Copa final organized by CONMEBOL. That decision, an alien to the Club, indicates the continental competition and affects the equality of the conditions of losing our local status.

The Club and the 66,000 supporters and their ticket to win the final at the Monumental Stadium are now damaged by the change of location to Madrid, with the cost and & # 39 ; r the distance that this suggests.

As a result of this unfair deal of CONMEBOL, Club Atlético River Plate says that it will continue to repay the amount of tickets received for the game that would be played at the Monumental, according to the following details:

– Partners paid by credit card: they will be reimbursed by that amount during this month.

– Members who paid in cash: the amount will be repaid through the social fee. Next week a credit note will be made so you will not have to pay the fee until you reach the full amount of the ticket. If you prefer cash in cash, you can come and look for it by the Paddock Club on December 18, 19 and 20, from 10 to 18. It is important to note that the Amount is only returned to the ticket holder, and must submit the purchased Purchase, original photocopy of an ID card and membership card (daily fee).

-By River that is paid through a credit card: the amount will be repaid through this method during this month.

– International Society: you must send the credit card information to [email protected] so that the Club repays the amount of access during this month. Attach the following data (in case you need other information, we will contact you as soon as possible):

1. Name, surname and identification of the owner of the ticket.
2. Name, surname and identification of the credit card holder.
3. Bank and publisher.
4. Credit Card Number.
5. Cancel

Once the process has finished, you will have a credit balance on your card with the same amount you paid for your ticket.

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