Saturday , July 2 2022

New life Rodrigo Eguillor in prison: he's been imprisoned Marcos Paz rapper


A Rodrigo Eguillor, tell those who follow it closely, what happened to many prisoners who are going to prison for the first time.

I had started a little unreasonable and rebellious inside the Federal Penitentiary Service lafter the PFA was arrested him last Friday at his father's house, a gambling entrepreneur, in a closed neighborhood of Canning who transferred to court when he was investigated at Court No. 48 by the Judge Carlos Bruniard. Eguillor He refused to be jailed by gray coal prisons. "Do not touch me," he repeatedHe also refused to have a simple medical examination.

Then, seeing himself inside the prison, Eguillor changed his attitude: he began to get low, something typical in basic primary. Perhaps he realizes his new reality.

Today, the criminal prosecutor's son, Paula Martínez Castro, accused of raping a 22-year-old daughter in San Telmo, is jailed in the prisoners' prison ward Marcos Paz. Other prisoners are not surrounded, at least, not for the moment, as it is have to keep in a single cell while being appraised by experts.

However, the prosecutor's son is not under a protocol of protecting physical integrity, such as Cristian Aldana when the same jail began in December 2016 in a clear sense to the authorities of other prisoners who attacked him: that Eguillor in a unit of alleged sex offenders is enough protection, a population design made by the Federal Specific Service to avoid fighting between prisoners.

Al Sex Offender Treatment Program Marcos Paz have to send forward, for example, footballer Jonathan Fabbro, has been processed and pre-trialled for the alleged abuse and corruption of its own delight. Collections and evaluations to Eguillor Expected in the next few days.

Court rumors have been received in recent weeks and said that Eguillor would have it has been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder at some point in his life, just in his last year of secondary school and that his mother even started filing for precautionary measures in a family court in Lomas de Zamora, something that prosecutor Martinez Castro refused to confirm or deny before the consultation Infobae.

However, sources are close to the file that is investigated for violence they reject this version. If there were doubts of a psychiatric condition, Eguillor should have been referred to the PRISMA program, the SPF mental health unit he was sent, for example, "Pity" Álvarez, after killing a man in the Samoré neighborhood of Villa Lugano with three bullets, and Patricio Santos Fontanet, Callejeros singer.

Judge Bruniard, on the other hand, He felt that he should not let him go, his freedom suggests a clear risk of flying. The magistrate rHe issued an order to release presented by Eguillor's official defender as he thinks he has an adequate means of escape according to the information published by Telam

Next time next year, Eguillor is given in Criminal Oral Court No. 9 Another cause of abuse, another alleged assault, this time without carnal access, a worker from the Casino de Buenos Aires, a mother and grandmother, was called in April 2016 at the car park and place. "I was walking with a penis out", he assured the original complaint against him.

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