Friday , August 19 2022

New Google Maps update which would allow any user to create public events


The option to create them events on the Google map it can be used if you have it business profile, but that could change with the next update anyone could create a public activity.

This is how the site found it Android Police, which announced that some users are allowed to create public events via the tab "contributions". One must be provided location, time and choice of event category, as well as a small description of it.

It created those behind the event site, but they had to wait more than an hour for them to access it through the application.

Google Maps It has not officially announced the functionality, but the update is in line with the social functionality it has promised since last year, and that's t promote user interaction.

So far, the map application shows signs of how to get somewhere, and also recommends places to attend at certain times. But to open the events to the public, anyone could see on the map close to where you are There is an activity that might interest you.

According to Android Police, right now, those with the function have enabled, t it cannot add pictures beyond the headline image. According to them, the function is at an early stage, so users are asked wait for official news and that the update is ready for the public.

Google's launch announcement could be made available to the industry during the year Game Developers Conference (GDC) t one of the most important fideogame development conferences in the year, and usually returns this month, from March 18 to 22, to the city of San Francisco.

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