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Neuquén to paradoxes and Government: drop off third party off – 03/10/2019


It sounds like an absolute paradox. Cambiemos, the radical Horacio left "Pechi" Quiroga, this third Sunday away – more than 20 points away from the Omar Gutiérrez re-elected in the Neuquén election and administration Mauricio Macri went out to celebrate. In the current political scenario, and especially economically, the reason for celebrating the Government was the defeat of Kirchner, who in recent weeks has been proud and exciting to win a spectacular winner at the first election as governor of the year.

Casa Rosada had started the electoral race badly, with the collapse of the Macrista Carlos Mac Allister in Pampean village of Cambiemos. Then, have been caught in the presentation from inside UCR of Córdoba. And now face the fear of a possible victory of Kirchner Ramón Rioseco in Neuquén. And K stands on top of Vaca Muerta.

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For Macrismo's nightmare to be even darker, this Sunday throughout the day was the version that Cristina Kirchner would travel to Neuquén to celebrate before his last candidate's final victory. How would Marcos Peña and Jaime Durán Barba reject the power of an image of this type in the first term of the electoral calendar?

So, on Sunday night in the Government, he admitted that his feeling was of relief, from a break. Macri leaves his strength, but not by his own victory, but by defeating the vice president.

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But Kirchnerism's electoral failure brings Yapa to Macri. The Presiding Officer has a close contact – also his Minister from the Out of Rogelio Frigerio – with the governor Omar Gutiérrez.

Moreover, Macri's relationship with the president is re-elected closer and more sincere than what is known. In what others might sound incredibly, last year, the Neuquén suggested to the President that he was making changes in the national cabinet.

That is another reading left by this Sunday vote officialities are always hard to beat because of the whole structure – and a box – they are managing for their campaigns. Related to the MPN, an incredible machine to win elections since the 1960's. Will the maximum also apply to Cambiemos for the October presidential election?

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In the government, there was also an alarm at the Neuquen election about how it could affect the governors' vote in the neighboring Rio Negro, where he has already voted on April 7. The Peronist Martín Soria was in line with Kirchnerism-bets to Dethrone & current Governor Alberto Weretilneck.

It seems that the Neuquén thing has also taken a calm calm yesterday to Weretilneck, head of Gutiérrez as a provincial party. "The Neuquén election confirms the election of Patagians of provincial governments that are derived from the national parties," he said. Clarin and rioneer. "It means that the polarization and the national crack does not go into the provincial elections," he added.

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