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Nene, 8, gave an armed robbery to a jewelry shop and told the seller


The security cameras were holding the exact moment when an 8-year-old boy came to steal a jeweler with a gun in his hand.

Images are stunning. Baby only 8 years I was recorded by jewelery shop security cameras when it came in arfog to bring the building. With the gun in hand he pointed to the seller, stolen, and left.

It happened in a jewelery shop in the state of Buenos Aires of Moreno. A baby 8 years He went in, he asked for the value of some gold items, and immediately he went out the gun and he noted For the owner It happened in a central area of ​​that town exactly when the seller – who is also the owner – is about to open.

"I hit the rock and I'll open. With the clothes I was wearing and the age I thought, I thought I was going to ask something to eat . That is why I leave it. The child told me to give everything to him, he would not make me the idiot because he was going to burn me. Then he pulled the gun out and to put on the counter, to fear me", Nicolás García told the press after she was carrying her jewelry.

Hitled by the robbery, he explained about the terrible moment he lived in: "I thought that the weapon It was a toy, I can not believe that he was talking to me seriously. He also talked quietly, he knew what he was doing. I was also very surprised that he was acting alone, although he might expect something more outdoors"

"I responded quickly to avoid a disaster, went to the other side of the counter and took carelessly of the child when he gave the pistol on board. I passed fast, I took it from the neck and took it to run the business. I did not even think of what I was even doing", He added in this regard.

Then the worst part came to the police station to make the corresponding complaint: "I'm surprised, they told me that since I was small 8 yearsThey could not do anything. I was so mad and I was full of frustration, but here is the country in which we live"And as if that were enough, he was threatened by the family members of the child who wanted to steal him, saying he was no longer doing the complaint.

"Now, I have a fear of what they can do for me, especially my business, because they told me, if I kept fucking, they would break everything. I do not know what will happen about that, I ask for security", After the conclusion that the trader was worried.

Source: Chronicle.

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