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Negotiations between Peña a Monzó and Ritondo candidacy: the back room of prisoners in force

The spirit is heated. Before the trip in Asia, he had one last talk Marcos Peña a a Emilio Monzó as accompanists.

According to a Corridor of the main decisions, the president of the Chamber of Deputies decided a little back that wants to leave that place as soon as possible and has been set aside in Madrid, in the embassy that is still occupied Ramón Puerta, Mauricio Macri, the political professor who was initially dissatisfied with the administration of Cambiemos administration.

Because he can rebuild Infobae from sources in both sectors, the final conversation between Monzó and the main staff was "on the best terms". "It was difficult," they admit, despite attempts to reduce the foam and to resubmit the contacts.

The relationship between Peña and the Deputy Minister was practically bankrupt, but he was completed before the President's trip to India and Vietnam. Even from the Cabinet Minister's environment, they were taken to inform him that Monzó was the ideology of taking on the Emirates company's agent Martín Lousteauthat again claiming that there was an open primary school in Cambiemos while Macri has negotiated the opening of new markets during the last year in his mandate. An order that, predictable, did not fall too well in the presidential entourage.

For a long time, the cross-operations between the Government's "political wing" and the first floor of Casa Rosada have multiplied, intensified. Lousteau's case is one of them. The response of the "monkeys" realizes that the deputy, in fact, had suggested Macri's list of five legislators to go on the journey, and that was the head of state who decided that Lousteau had to travel "yes or yes"

According to the sources, Monzó had had two previous talks before going on the plane, at Olivos and in Casa Rosada. And on his side they had hoped he would take advantage of the journey to reinforce the personal relationship with the President, as was made in May 2017 but on the official Chinese tour. On the eve of the legislative campaign, the Deputy President, who was a key in the election assembly that ended with Macri's victory in 2015, has already marginalized the strategic campaign decisions. From that time he changed little and no. His criticism of the government's decision, organized and operated by Peña, was motivated.

The deputy even worried his connection with her Elisa Carrió. Between 2014 and 2015, Monzó and a few leaders, including deputy Javier Campos Malbrán, of the Civic Guild, had been instrumental in patient discussions to bring the CC leader closer to Macri. More: the sealing agreement completed in the Householder Representative section. "Lilita" has been working for a few months now, in a liquid and solid relationship with Peña.

On Thursday afternoon, Macri, Monzó and the rest of the delegation returned from Asia, on the first floor of Casa Rosada, the main staff and the General Secretary of the Presidency, Fernando de Andreis, they offer them Cristian Ritondo, security security minister, the first place in the ballot of national deputies of Buenos Aires province.

The decision to anoint Ritondo was not only urgent, four months after closing the lists. There was also a rush to communicate.

During the week, Monzó had to take advantage of the trip to analyze with Macri his departure of Deputies before December and to ask, for example, for Sebastián García de Luca, Deputy Minister Rogelio Frigerio, who has been balancing for some time between his political monks and Peña, as his ultimate successor in case the Presiding Officer will be re-elected.

In Casa Rosada, the one who was transferred did not fall well. The applications made by Monzó to leave the house before the end of the year had not dropped well, either beneficial if one took into account that parliamentary work would end with the start of; The presidential campaign and Carlos Tejedor leader will not have any interference in the strategy. Aware of the defeat, In the deputy's environment he believes that there is no point extending a marriage that has lost love for a long time.

Ritondo's early election was ringed because Macri told the newspaper Clarin in Vietnam, "there is a time, four months to come and many problems to solve" when journalist Ignacio Ortelli consulted him for his ultimate partner. Why then hurry to define the first candidate for a proxy in Buenos Aires?

Ffactor Monzó is one of the main reasons. "It's a sign to Emilio that she has a closing date, and that we also have a perishable leg leg," explained officials and leaders who responded to the main staff on Friday afternoons.

The Security Minister's confidentiality from the Buenos Aires province also responds to the Government's need, with the water in the neck for the awful consequences of the economic program and the lack of trust with the opposition, to show that someone else can be replaced by Monzó " He was a peronist that he, who spent agreements for years in the Buenosairean Legislature and with good relations with the media, the PJ, the opposition and the red circle ", as they argued after Meet Ritondo, Peña a De Andreis to support the decision.

Ritondo and Monzó never coincided with them. Contrary to the opposite. The minister of Buenosairean, who coincided with Macri of the Legislation during the control of Buenosaars of the PRO, has a cordial connection with the head of the Cabinet. And social life with De Andreis: they are neighbors, they share family meals and talk often.

The proactive candidacy of Maria Maria Eugenia's officer is directly involved in the campaign: from a few days he will join the national strategic board next to the party's leadership. Security may also begin to fall stronger between the election axis that the Government will try to put on the campaign. One of the few areas where the macrismo can show some result.

The application includes a blow by the UCR display, in seconds of definitions from the provincial closing. Ramón Mestre, one of the radical candidates that will go to the intern with them Mario Negri in Córdoba, he was made public when he said that Peña and Frigerio had called him to drop his claim. The versions take into account a fierce telephone exchange between the head of the Cabinet and Cordovan.

The fight between the first floor of Casa Rosada and the "political wing" included in the Monzó figure is a symptom of the short circuits that are the government's coalition, Faced Macri's most important challenge since he fought in politics.

The Household Representatives's re-election as president of that body, on December 5, is a sample of internal injectors and does not lose validity. Voted unanimously, The deputy "politician" claimed and excluded the use of "social networks", approved by the PJ, the whole opposition and Frigerio and De Luca of balconies.

In Olivos, Peña and all colleagues with Vidal – who never recommended his connection with Monzó- a Horacio Rodriguez Larreta – the most pragmatic leader of the government coalition that attends all counters – celebrated anniversary Jaime Duran Barba.

Monzó's pesimism conflicts with optimism that Peña must support, without the B scheme, until the elections. In the last debate where the deputy once again demanded his departure, before the trip to Asia, the head of ministers repeated the bet: he'll again crack that Macri will win in first round.

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