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Natalia Oreiro revealed the reason why it does not use social networks

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February 23, 2019

An Uruguay actress and singer confirmed it's a personal decision.

Natalia Oreiro revealed why she does not use social networks

Natalia Oreiro is one of the most productive and most effective artists through her work. Always in movie or television, women are often the composers of successful fictitious fictions.

However, strikingly, is one of the few celebrities who are absent in the world of social networks which has long been filled with famous people.

"It's something personal. I only have one social network Russia, the only one that I have had for three years. After I had some rare commercial events, I decided to somehow be able to communicate with them directly and let them know if this concert is in my stage or device. I have something that I do not use every day, but from time to time for important dates I can publish specific things ", said the musician's wife, Ricardo Mollo.

On the other hand, I pray I will: "It seems to me that the networks are extremely effective, that socially help them a lot and drive a lot, commercially too ".

Natalia Oreiro's huge relief on Thelma Fardin's saying against Juan Darthes

"I do not think it's bad or bad, it's something that happens to me. In my work, my character speaks to me, and at one time you'll be half slaves when you have a social network and you do not upload things. At least it happens to me with colleagues. That's not the time they're asking me to upload pictures, then I'll wash my family, I'll give a tin to my son and I Take a picture and she has 1,500 million lovers. And I say: & # 39;Uh, I'm probably not able to calculate it. & # 39;", she explained laughter, who also told anecdote about the exposure that networks give you.

Last, Natalia Oreiro He maintained that he does not believe that directors choose an actor because of the number of fans he has. "Many times have happened to me, or have happened to me, in advertising campaigns yes, because I understand that you have more publicity today on the Internet or in networks than on television, it is even more accessible", it came to an end.

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