Tuesday , November 24 2020

Natacha Jaitt: the real causes that led to his death and what happened in the party's room

Natacha Jaitt He did not die only because of cardiovascular failure.

That's just the synthesis, the last phenomenon.

Natacha He did not lose his life either because of the cocaine found in his noseAt least not what Justice is currently considering.

He died, ensures a high source in the investigation, for the a collection of many things. In the early hours of the morning, at the queen's queen in the guest room of the Xanadu party hall, in Villa La Ñata, The 41-year-old body from Natacha Jaitt has deteriorated in the interior.

The forensic doctors in San Fernando morgue were shocked by color your heart Concentrated with red organs, they notice that Jaitt is a vegetation due to fat traces. The autopsy ischemia uncovering, arterial obstruction that can be fatal. That's not just what: revealed an analysis of fallopian tubes in internal hemorrhage who, says one researcher, "It should have caused him a huge pain."

And after that happened in the Xanadu.

Almost all have stated in the UFI by Benavidez by Dr. Sebastián Fittipaldi, who is responsible for investigating Jaitt's death. Fittipaldi was surprised. The witnesses did not know each other, the meeting was fake, but they all agree the same. There is a common, coherent story.

Probably, Jaitt met with Rigoni and Velaztiqui to close the deal for a show who would drive in the Xanadu, drink some drinks. The stories talk about cocaine in the place, from a round of eating, a maximum of five grams for five people. One of the witnesses – who lives five blocks of the place – struggled urgently by Fittipaldi, They found a minimum of cocaine in a fanny package he did not even deserve a cause to sell narcotics. Researchers do not even suspect that there is a potential vendor from enforcing the meeting. Someone was invited, simply with that.

On the other hand, it revealed the detailed system of security cameras when Natacha went to the room, located on the first floor, where he finally died. The cameras seized by the researchers show when they come in. It never comes out.

The cameras are alsoShowing a hotel that goes in and leaves the room twice, the first, quietly, without frights. Second, a scared fear.

According to the testimonies collected Justice, the actress I would have agreed to have sex with this hotel, a joint shot that ended with both in the series.

Anyway, There was no sex. According to a story, Natacha was unconscious shortly after going into the room. The guest thought she was sleeping at the beginning. Then, He went back to wake her up. Jaitt was cold to touch.

The guest He alerted the situation to Velaztiqui Duarte, he asked for help. The camera does not have a camera, but thanks to a large window, A nearby camera filtered how they tried to regenerate it with severe movements.

At 1:49 in the morning, Velaztiqui Duarte called 911. Rigoni stayed in the place, the other three guests left. "They were scared", ensures a source in the research. Anyway, they were inside Xanadu when the producer named 911 show, at least according to the witnesses.

The autopsy he did not find signs of assault or defense in the Jaitt body. There is no allegation that will not be retained. Fittipaldi, am and minute, He does not suspect someone.

The second when the hemorrhage broke this is still uncertain: The studies to the test and toxic examination of its blood will be practiced within five days are Plastic laboratories and Provincial Scientific Force.

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