Sunday , August 7 2022

NASA's photo dissertation shows the Earth in astonishing glory


A quotation has been attributed to an influential American scholar, author and educator Lewis Thomas, who is perfectly the beauty of the Earth's inspirational beauty and place in the Universe.

"From all the heavenly bodies in reach or seeing, as far as we can see, out to the edge, the most amazing and mysterious and mysterious is to turn out to our own planet Earth. There's nothing to match anywhere, not yet, anyway, "he said.

With that idea in mind, NASA's Earth Science Division has produced a new photo dissertation that shows our planet in a collection of stunning imagery, taken from satellites and looking at us from the atmosphere of the Earth.

The space agency has produced a hard book showing the photos and released an e-book and a free online version.

"For all the dynamics and details that we can watch from orbit, sometimes it's worth stepping back and just admiring the Earth," writes NASA's Michael Carlowicz in the book's statement.

Among the pictures included in the collection are stunning pictures of the Australian natural environment. Below the rivers of Georgina, Burke, and Hamilton, they join the extensive Eyre Creek floodplain in the Channel City called Queensland.

He took stalls on this International Space Station.

Another Australian photograph shown in the collection shows exceptional lakes markings in the Australian interior in the state of South Australia.

The Satellite Image Earth 1 image came below in April 2010 after water came into Lake Frome, which stands at the southern end of salt bowls, NASA said.

When it fills, the waters usually come from deposition in the hills and other salt seals up the river.

A separate picture taken by NASA Earth Observatory and social media sharing this month shows how much flooding in northern Queensland when the River Flinders was overflowing and expanding to 60 kilometers wide.

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The online dissertation is full of impressive air images from all over the world that's worth checking.

He has shared four sections: atmosphere, land, water and ice and snow. Below is a small flavor of how NASA and technology astronomies have been collecting the world below.

Mt Taranaki in Northland New Zealand

Tir Lakes Canada

From Rainforest to Rain Shadow, the United States

Tidal and Channel Flats in the Bahamas

Bowknot Bend in Utah, United States

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