Tuesday , August 16 2022

NASA's confidence in SpaceX and Boeing may turn out – BGR


To say that NASA was a big bet on US companies, Boeing and SpaceX to provide solutions for lighting the space would have been incredible. In essence, the space agency puts all its eggs into two baskets, and it seems that the one can not stay on track, with unnecessary delay, disadvantages , and cost outweighs that accompany them.

Like Reuters NASA's recent rundown reports of "key risk items" place a great deal on the hardware where people currently work by SpaceX and Boeing, and warns that additional delays are likely to be in the cards. According to a source that talked to Reuters, so many 35 issues have been highlighted by NASA's advisory panel, and addressing those problems will be able to push the two companies up to age far further.

Spokesperson for SpaceX and Boeing commented in an incredible tone for the original piece, stating that the companies are working hard and hitting milestones, but concerns continue, especially when it comes to security .

Ensuring that the two companies' boat and rocket technology can carry passengers safely for years to come, making everything right, but there is a need for human space ships at once.

The most important concern is the International Space Station, and NASA has been paying the Russian space program to capture US stones there for some time. NASA extended its agreement with Roscosmos last year after it was clear that SpaceX or Boeing would neither be able to meet their more optimistic time limits. Now, with no way of sending a photocopier into space after 2019, NASA must consider paying Russia even more money to ensure the US presence on board the ISS.

NASA's requirements are high, and both companies have to prove that their flight platforms are safe and reliable before any astronauts can take the sky. It will be interesting to see whether the company is either ready by the end of 2019, or if delays and further issues push the timeline back again.

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