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NASA publishes the first recorded high-resolution video in space


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Last updated on 07/11/2018 – 10:16

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NASA's Ricky Arnold Astronaut operates the 8K camera on the International Space Station (NASA)

Washington, 11/07/2018 (The People Online) – The work of the astronauts on board of the International Space Station (ISS) has never been as clear. NASA has released the first recorded video with advanced resolution technology (8K) in space, in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA), which shows station and station facilities. The research that astronauts carry out unprecedented clarity, according to La Vanguardia.

The video begins with images of NASA Serena Auñón-Chancellor's serena conducting an experiment to perfect the sequence of DNA and RNA technologies in space. Auñón-Chancellor also appears to work on research that grows plants in microgeneration and compares how their growth is different from when they grow on Earth.

The images also show in detail the space station facilities such as the Cupola, which is a structure that gives more visibility to operate the station's robotic arms and also gives incredible views of planets, astronauts and teams monitor space.

Another video scene shows how Serena Auñón-Chancellor draws blood from one arm to the Asturian ESA Alexander Gerst. Astronauts regularly collect blood, saliva and urine samples that will be analyzed on Earth to find out how to live in the space changing people's immune system.

Although they were not returned to Earth, these are stored in a liquid nitrogen freezer that is stored at 80 degrees below zero, and appears at the beginning & # 39 ; r video operated by NASA Ricky Arnold astronomers.

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