Thursday , December 3 2020

NASA names the West Virginia facility in honor of Katherine Johnson & # 39;

NASA resumed a facility in West Virginia in honor of Katherine Johnson, renowned mathematician and Native West Virginia.

NASA Independent Validation and Validation Facility is now known as Fairmont, the Katherine Johnson Independent Verification and Verification Facility.

"I am pleased that we are honoring Katherine Johnson like this, as it is a truly American icon that survived incredible and inspiring obstacles," said NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine in a statement. "It's a good tribute to name the facility that is on its legacy of missionary accounts in its honor."

Johnson renowned the Freedom 7 mission of Alan 7 Alan Shepard in 1961 and was asked to check the results of the orbit electronic computers for Friendship 7 John Glenn mission.

The latter was a key scene in the 2017 film, "Hidden Figures," which told the story of Johnson along with other African mathematicians Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson. He broke the trio through racial barriers to succeeding in NASA and helping to prepare the way for diversity in the agency.

President Donald Trump signed into the law of deed of Congress re-designating the facility in December.

Obama Freedom Medal

President Barack Obama presents a Free Presidential Medal to NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson during a ceremony in the East White Room, Tuesday, November 24, 2015, in Washington. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)


In 2015, President Barack Obama Johnson awarded the Presidential Patent of Liberty and in 2017, the NASA Langley Research Center at Hampton Virginia dedicated the new Katherine Johnson Computer Research Facility in its honor.

Johnson celebrated his 100th anniversary on August 26.

Happy #GalentinesDay I'm a favorite mathematician, Katherine Johnson! We celebrate this #BlackHistoryMonth, as well as every other month, for the important work that you gave to NASA – National …

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