Monday , August 15 2022

NASA canceled a female space mission for an unusual reason


NASA had to cancel a female mission to be held on Friday, 29 March. The problem? Girls' suits were missing.

Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were going to the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the first space path formed by women only.

Koch he will then travel with a male companion by NASA, Nick Hague. The aim of the mission is to continue the installation of powerful lithium-ion batteries for two of the ISS's solar panels, initiated in the first space path that Anne McClain and Nick Hague made on 22 March. .

    NASA astronauts Christina Koch (center), Nick Hague (left) and Anne McClain (right) (Photo: KPI).
NASA astronauts Christina Koch (center), Nick Hague (left) and Anne McClain (right) (Photo: KPI).

After the experience of this previous trip, NASA decided to make some modifications to the next flights, as McClain had said it was better M the top, the torso, the suit.

"We have a suitable segment for another M sized space at the station, Anne trained in M ​​and L and thought she could use L, but after the Friday space route, M is more suitable. it's easier (and faster) change space astronauts that reorganize the space suit"Stephanie Schierholz, NASA Space Travel and Exploration Division spokesperson, said on Twitter. T

As there is only one suit available in size M at the moment, Christina Koch will be able to wear it next Friday, March 29. Koch will be traveling with the Hague.

For his part, McClain will fly to the ISS on April 8 with Canadian Space Agency astronaut, David Saint-Jacques.

NASA tried to calm the criticism generated by its decision to postpone the first space route with women only, scheduled for next Friday, arguing that it's more secure and faster to change the path assignments than to reconfigure a suit t.

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