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NASA announces the headline of the United States to Lleuad


Private companies could land on the Moon as soon as next year, after NASA announced $ 3.6 billion worth of contracts to get people there as soon as possible.

Nine companies will compete for the contracts to present science and technology experiments to the face of the picture, with NASA allowing companies to work out the details to go there.

The tests will help accelerate progress towards a long-term scientific study and a human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Before people are able to travel regularly to a space, the agency needs to better understand the navigation, landing and survival requirements.

The news comes only three days after the NASA InSight spacecraft was launched on Mars, only the eighth time of the ship[completecompletionofprototypemis480millionogilometer&Earth[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometerjourneyfromEarth[wedicwblhau'rdaithbronisaithmis480miliwnogilometro'rDdaear[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth

NASA wants to pilot the system in the Moon before committing to commercial delivery services in Mars.

NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, announced the announcement at the agency headquarters in Washington in time for 2019, which marks the first birthday of the first 50th birthday.

He suggested in the news earlier in the week when he was tweeting that the United States led to the Moon "as soon as you think."

The space agency has already released the pictures and the first video, with the space space Twitter account reporting "quiet beauty here".

The $ 993 million lander, which appears in good condition, will soon begin to reveal its robotic arm for a 360 degree scene, and use its terrorist sensors on the Martian surface.

NASA engineers intend to start working with a robotic arm soon, but they are taking forward a warning.

The arm has five mechanical fingers helping to lift and install its two tools on the Martian soil in the next few months.

"Slowly releasing my entirety, starting with releasing my pockets, like the pre-and-after picture show," said the NASA Twitter account.

"Until I'm ready to extend my arm, my angles will be the same."

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