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Mystery Solution: Find out why that hair color is red – 12/12/2018

So far the red, bright and special hair color is thought to be due to the operation of a gene of the name MC1R. People with that feature have two versions of that gene: one inherited by the father and one by the mother.

The MC1R birth is a regenerative gene, that is, it can not manifest itself in a prominent gene pair and only when the person receives copies of the mother and mother.

The red, in 2016, in the Obelisk. Photo: Rolando Andrade

The red, in 2016, in the Obelisk. Photo: Rolando Andrade

But although every redhead has two versions of that gene, not all develop that hair color. That is why scientists believe that more genes must be attached.

A team from the University of Edinburgh is now investigating the DNA of more than 350,000 volunteers, with hair of different colors. And they realized that there were differences in 200 genes related to blonds and brunettes.

But they have also discovered eight specific genetic differences, and have not yet been found, linked to red hair. The researchers explain that some of the genes have the function of managing MC1R gene expression.

The study is the largest genetic research carried out on redheads to date. Something that is surprising scientists is that many of these genetic differences are related to pigmentation, but with the texture of the hair. And other variations determine how hair grows, that is, if it's straight or with a whirlwind, for example.

Scotland is the country in the world with the highest percentage of redheads; almost 13% of population. I'm followed by Ireland with 10% and Morocco with 9.50%.

Source: ScienceDaily

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