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MWC 2019: these are the cell phones that are expected to be seen in the Mobile Congress

(Barcelona, ​​special denomination) As every year, the main brands present their new mobile phones in the Mobile World Congress that takes place in Barcelona. This year, the 5G will be the real composer.

Although this type of connectivity has been discussed for more than one year, and pilot tests have already been carried out, At this fair, you will begin to see devices ready to start using this technology that, a little bit, will fall in the different countries.

Mobile phones or flexible cells will also be present at this congress. Although there are some brands, like Samsung or Royale have already announced devices of these features, in this fair you will be expected to see many other models. There are several brands that would add this special feature to their teams.

There will also be screens and more improvements on the exhibition, as well as Optimization in equipment performance thanks to artificial intelligence and more powerful processors.

As announced by LG, the ThinQ G8 will integrate the Real3TM image sensor chips of Infineon in the front camera. This technology allows the collection of ambient light faster and more efficiently, while reducing energy consumption. In addition, it promises better performance in virtual reality and added applications.

Another novel is that the mobile phone will use its own screen as a speaker. The OLED displays will integrate a system of the digital sound that's called Digital Sound converted to dependencies that will be transmitted on the screen.

The team will also incorporate a post system that will operate the phone without having to touch the display. On the other hand, it is certain that the company could present a LG V50, a mobile phone that is compatible with 5G.

Motorola to return a retro model

Motorola could revive the famous Razr, which launched on the market in 2004 and came to sell more than 130 million units worldwide, and thus come one of the most popular models in history.

The new edition would have a bending exhibition, among other details. However, it is not clear whether the company will actually show it at the fair or if the newcomer is kept later.

What is confirmed is that it will display the recently introduced Moto G7 in its basic version and as well.

Both have 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, Android Pie operating system and 6.24 screen. "Both have 3,000 mAh and fast charging, but they present a difference in this item: & # 39 ; r G7 It has 15 W charger, while the G7 Plus has 27 W charger, which allows them to complete the charge in less than an hour.

The tool is also different from the processor. The Snapdragon 632 is the base model, while the World of Work of the Snapdragon 636. In turn, the M7 G7 has two back-up cameras of 12 MP (f / 1.8) and 5 MP; while the G7 Plus integrates two sensors of 16 MPs (f / 1.7) and 5 MPs. In both cases, the front camera is 8 MP (f / 2.2).

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to Fold

South Korean Manufacturer It will showcase its Samsung Galaxy S10 recently launched in its three versions: those with an exhibition of 6.4 ", 6.1" and 5.8 ", respectively, and it is expected to see the S10 5G, which, although officially published in San Francisco, which could not be proven yet.

This device, with a 6.7 "screen promises faster, especially compared to other phones, as it is ready for the 5G. Concept specimens will be made in the stall. It will also be a good opportunity to experience the Fold Galaxy, as there was no chance to do so, despite being officially presented.

Sony will introduce its new high priority, the Xperia XZ4, which would integrate the powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, as well as an exhibition that will occupy the forefront. The company would also launch Xperia XA3 in two versions, with a screen in format 21: 9. It would have a fingerprint reader on the side and a dual back camera.

According to the many leaks that occurred during the last time, this mobile phone will have 6 inch screen, five cameras, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It will be part of the Android One program and it will bring the Foot version installed.

The cellphone would come in three versions: one with a simple SIM, another with the help of a dual SIM and a model that will also include a dual SIM but would not be part of the Android One.

One company will display the Meizu Zero, released at the end of January. It has a cell phone with no pay port or jack headphone. He also has no holes for speakers or buttons of any kind.

There are mobile phones with wireless pay and eSIM that, unlike the traditional ones, have installed in the device. It has a Snapdragon 845 processor, a 5.99-inch OLED screen and a dual back camera of 20 MP and 12 MPs.

Live Apex 2019 to Live V15 Pro

Like Meizu, the Apex 2019 is a mobile phone with no port or buttons. The prototype was also published at the end of January and is expected to be seen in the MWC. It has a pure screen mode, with the front speaker hidden under the display. It only has a back camera.

The company It will also show the Vivo Pro published recently, cell phone with 6.4 inch screen, rear camera, triple back camera and 3,700 mAh battery.

Xiaomi and phone bent

A few weeks ago, the company released a video showing a flexible phone, which stimulated a lot of curiosity in the public. It is expected that the cell phone will be displayed on the company's stand inside the fair.

Certainly, you will also see the Mi Mix 3 with 5G, which was released in China in December. In the same way we expect to see the Xiaomi Mi 9 in the base version and Pro. They are two mobile phones that integrate the Amoled screen, Android Pie and Snapdragon 855 processors.

It will also be an opportunity to see the recently launched Mi 9, which stands out for its 48 MP sensor and a lens with a focal point opening of 1.47.

Oppo and OnePlus would present compatible 5G phones and ZTE also intends to present news in the MWC framework.

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